Traveling alone in Ha Giang and something you need to know

One of the most amazing things that you should do for yourself is rest and enjoy a deserved vacation. Traveling alone is not a bad idea, especially is Ha Giang travel.

  17/08/2018 16:45

So you think you will travel alone?

f this is your first time to travel far, you don't go alone! Travel far away has a lot of problems to face and many situations are resolved. Therefore, you will not avoid from embarrassment!
If you are weak and not healthy, then do not go alone! There are many people who suggest that the solo travel will help them become more mature, know to resolve any problems and so on…. But have they ever put themselves in your position? In fact, to change the personality does not necessarily go away, in everyday life, you can self-discipline. Traveling alone is not only to discover, experience but also to return!
If you are afraid of loneliness, then do not travel in Ha Giang alone! Traveling alone means you will have to become familiar with the inherent loneliness of Ha Giang land with layer upon layer mountains. You afraid of loneliness? Traveling alone and you will not give up on the middle, right?

But if traveling alone is your passion, you know how to protect and take care of yourself, then don't hesitate, backpack up and start out.

Why should you try traveling alone in Ha Giang?

There are few things that you can freely decide alone, such as you can decide which time to go, which destination to come, manage your purse while traveling….

When traveling alone in Ha Giang, you can go wherever you love, eat whatever want. You will enjoy the feeling of absolute freedom without being disturbed or disturbing anybody. You can decide everything you want, change the selection at the last moment without consulting or explaining to anyone else. This is the time for you to fully enjoy your life.
There are some places in Ha Giang, which if you enjoy them alone, you can have extraordinary feelings. Standing on Lung Cu flagpole is something like that. Coming to Ha Giang, you should not ignore Lung Cu, the northernmost point of Vietnam. Standing on Lung Cu flagpole, watching the Vietnam national flag flutters in the wind, is the feeling that can’t be express by words - It may be the pride of your country (!).
There are many delicious specialties in Ha Giang, when you travel alone, you can spend more time to eat and I am pretty sure that you will learn the way to enjoy them more than you imagine. There's something so relaxing when sitting alone with a cup of coffee as well as your favorite books and enjoy a meal in the middle of the day. Remember to try Ha Giang’s corn wine, it is heavy but fragrant.

Traveling alone allows you can freely to do whatever you want. So, you can spend the whole day to visit Ha Giang without having to listen to complaints of anybody. You can also stop to rest at anywhere without having to explain it to anyone. It sounds as perfect a trip, right?

Each location in Ha Giang will leave you with different experiences. You are steeped in memories, they will be with you until the end of your life. You have more stories to tell and experiences to share.

Be careful with the dangerous passes in Ha Giang

There are many dangerous passes for you to win when traveling in Ha Giang. So, when driving through these roads, you need to be alert and vigilant to avoid the worst situation happen to you. However, there are many drivers go through these roads quite often and also there are no many serious traffic accidents have ever occurred.
Conquering the passes in Ha Giang is also awesome experience when you travel alone. Ha Giang is famous for the rugged passes as Bac Sum, Heaven Gate, Tham Ma, Chin Khoanh, Ma Pi Leng ... challenging riders are, but in return, you will be rewarded with the stunning beauty views when you stand on the top of the pass, especially is Ma Pi Leng. Ma Pi Leng is known as the king of the passes in the north Vietnam, not because it is hard to come, but because of its spectacular scenery. Standing on the top of Ma Pi Leng pass, you can feel likely you are floating in the sky. Ma Pi Leng always attracts young enthralled people by the beauty of the land, sky, and rivers with mountains blend together.
There are many beautiful tourist attractions in Ha Giang that if you enjoy theme alone, it will leave you with unforgettable memories. It worth for you putting effort, especially for those who are enthusiastic about exploring, trekking, backpacking… Experience the life of ethnic minorities is also something you should try.

Some tips for you when traveling alone in Ha Giang

_Sign out of all your social accounts: You will be hard to enjoy the trip if you stuck in your phone to see what your friends are doing, and sometimes, it will make you feel discouraged as well as lonely in your trip.

_ Make friend with the strange people: Ha Giang people is knows as friendly and hospitable, it is not hard to make friend with them and the stories about your new friends is always unforgettable memories.

_ Keep your schedule flexible: You will never know who you will meet and what you will see. My advice is to keep your schedule flexible so you are able to discover. Freedom is the most amazing thing in your trip and it is very interesting when you break your predetermined schedule.

_ Don't be afraid to ask for help: As I said above, Ha Giang people is very hospitable and friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask for their help if you encounter a problem.
Ha Giang travel alone is not as difficult as you think, so let courage, backpack up and enjoy an exciting trip alone.
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