Chilling out at 5 sea paradises of the South Central Coast

Every summer, the South Central Coast puts on a beauty full of vitality. Coming here, you will seem to be lost in the paradise of blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine. All of them mix together, creating a poetic picture of nature. This summer, if you are still in two minds, just refer to the hotlist below!

  09/07/2020 00:00

With a coastline of up to 189 km, Phu Yen sports many beautiful and pristine beaches to attract tourists. The crystal clear Mon Beach is the convergence of forests, sea, streams, and mountains. Appearing in the Vietnamese movie "Tôi thấy hoa vàng trên cỏ xanh" (Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass), Xep Beach has captivated the audience by the wild beauty of the black rock undulating on the clear water. And do not forget the unique Da Dia Reef with its prismatic rock formations which stand out among the white waves.


In addition to famous names in history books or the well-known traditional martial arts, Quy Nhon has pristine islands and beaches that can enchant tourists. Remember to visit Eo Gio Cape with a scenic road halfway up the mountain. The spot is just as beautiful as Jeju Island in Korea. And then do not miss the emerald beach of Ky Co to freely play with the fine white sand and the small rocks jutting out in the middle of the sea. Finally, do not forget to enjoy fresh seafood served with the rich spices of this land.


This coastal city is truly a resort paradise. It will be a peaceful moment to walk on the white sand, soak in hot mineral springs to relieve fatigue, or challenge yourself in water sports such as canoeing, paragliding, and snorkeling. In addition, you can also enjoy the wonderful beauty of the bay by taking the cable car. Lastly, do not hesitate to have some fun at Vinpearl Land or discover secret islands, etc.


Referring to Ninh Chu, everyone must think of the wild and idyllic beauty of this South Central sea. Moreover, this land boasts many interesting things that can cause tourists to "forget their way back". They are the vast, fruit-laden vineyard, the magical Rai Cave, the romantic Vinh Hy Bay, and a series of unspoiled beaches. They will definitely make you fall in love. Once coming here, remember to stop by the roadside shops to enjoy famous specialties such as egg mini-pancake (bánh căn trứng), Ninh Chu chicken rice, fine rice vermicelli served with mixed pig's tripes (bánh hỏi lòng heo), grilled mountain goat meat, etc.


Speaking of this land, everyone will remember the sand dunes. Their colors vary by yellow, red, gray, pink, white... and constantly change with the wind. Coming here, do not miss the chance to play sand-boarding or conquer the "sand waves" with a 4-wheel all-terrain vehicle. In addition, there are many famous attractions in Phan Thiet such as Bau Trang, Fairy Stream, and RD Wine Castle. Especially, the tour program also offers tourists "The Fishermen Show – The Legend of a Fishing Village ". The show features a unique space that helps viewers to understand the typical culture of the people in the fishing village.
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