6 gorgeous sea paradises for summer travel

In the hot weather, you may just want to get away to the blue sea, immerse yourself in the refreshing water or catch the wind from offshore. Here are 6 extremely beautiful sea paradises that you can choose for your summer trip.

  12/06/2020 22:52

About 30km from the mainland and with a view from the distance, Ly Son is like a majestic song about our nation's sacred island sovereignty. It is also as magnificent as a giant picture. A blue color surrounds the mountains, the sea and the vast garlic farms. Ly Son also attracts tourists nearby and faraway by the wild beauty of Hang Pagoda. The place features many interesting nooks and crannies associated with the Vietnamese legend “Way to Heaven - Way to Hell” (Đường lên trời - Đường xuống âm phủ). If you want to see the whole island, you can follow the cliff path to climb to the top of Thoi Loi. From here, you are free to extend your eyesight to see the captivating beauty of majestic nature. Additionally, you can catch the first rays of the sun that have just appeared.


Co To is another place not to be missed on your summer trip. The island has a long stretch of white sand and colorful sedimentary rocks that sparkle in the golden sun. You will also be mesmerized by the unspoiled beaches of Tau Dam, Bac Van, Van Chai, Vung Ong Vien, etc. How about riding a bicycle with someone special around the romantic "path of love" and exploring the primeval forest with rich flora and fauna. Just try once standing on the Co To lighthouse! There you can admire the overlapping mountains to capture all that wonderful scenery in your heart.


The beach is gentle here. And the water is so clear that you can distinctly see every tiny grain of sand and small schools of playing fish. Along the shore, the refreshing green poplars whisper love songs, as if lulling you to sleep. If you love outdoor fun activities, do not miss the adventure on kayaks, paragliding, banana raft ride, and especially snorkeling to watch corals. Once wandering the aquarium, you will be able to see the colorful coral reefs and countless species of beautiful fish and shrimp. Exploring the sea has never been that easy and intimate on Cham Islands. In fact, just facing down in the water, you will get many exciting experiences right away.


You will fall in love with Binh Hung at first sight during your summer travel. This place attracts visitors by the casuarina trees leaning in the wind and the color of the clear sea water. Just looking through the water, you can see the fish swimming and the pebbles sparkling. Not just so, Binh Hung may also steal your heart with its famous grilled lobsters. With a hearty party on the cool green beach, you will definitely feel the full flavor of lobsters, the fattiness of the tomalley and the salty aftertaste of the pristine sea and islands. 


Con Dao is known as one of the "living museums" of Vietnamese national history. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to visit the historical sites associated with the heroes of the resistance period. Today, Con Dao is also a sea paradise with many amazingly beautiful scenes. This place is both wild and quiet. The air is astonishingly fresh here. To fully feel the passionate breath of the sea, you can participate in some activities such as fishing, canoeing to discover secret islands or snorkeling to see corals and abundant aquatic species. Or you can simply lie down and sunbathe in the brilliant golden sun.


Coming to Phu Quoc, you should not miss the chance to experience the cable car of Hon Thom Island. This is the world’s longest sea-crossing cable car. You will be "flying" over Roi Island, Dua Island, Thom Island, and get a 360-degree view to admire the pristine beauty of this pearl island. The fun does not stop there. You can also play your hardest in fun activities at the entertainment paradise or visit the wildlife zoo. In the afternoon, you can treat yourself to a high-class meal at Sunset Sanato where you can savor herring salad dipped in premium fish sauce and watch the shimmering sunset. All of these will bring you unforgettable memories in the sea and sky of Phu Quoc.

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