South Central Caravan - a journey along the sea and through forests

The South Central Region is not only famous for many of the most beautiful beaches in the country but also sports bewitching sea routes. For an exciting summer, the caravan tour along the sea and through forests will bring you closer to poetic sea routes. Furthermore, it will offer you the values that makeup South Central Region’s unique features. You can also feast your eyes on the legendary routes.

  29/04/2021 00:00
The best experience is driving yourself on the sunny and windy roads of the South Central Region in a 4-day 3-night trip. In those carefree days, you will pass by ravishing beaches like "sleeping beauty" Ca Na and admire Nha Trang Bay in the golden sunshine. Additionally, do not hesitate to immerse yourself in the romantic beauty of the beaches of Binh Lap and Binh Tien, or visit unspoiled Vinh Hy Bay.

In addition to the blue sea and white sand, the caravan journey will take up all of your camera storage for photos along the route from poetic Vinh Hy to the vast forests of Nui Chua National Park. It is known as "the most beautiful sea route in Vietnam". This is thanks to the excitingly winding bends as well as the combination of the sea and the mountains. Additionally, when traveling across the sub-desert from Bau Trang to the coast of Mui Ne, you can take magnificent pictures of a remote landscape like the one seen in Hollywood movies.

Caravan tours aren't just about cars
What makes the South-Central caravan tour so popular is the comfortable feeling of self-driving to visit destinations during the journey. Not only traveling smoothly on the roads, but you can also discover interesting sites and learn about new cultures. Once into Nha Trang, familiar tourist attractions seem to manifest themselves. You can be amazed at their visuals that are far different from the ones you have ever seen on your previous trips. Among them are Ponagar Tower, Champa Island - a "green oasis in the heart of the coastal city", Tram Huong Tower, or Suoi Tien Sheep Farm.

Meanwhile, the sightseeing cruise on the Emperor yacht in Nha Trang Bay will immerse you in the luxurious life of the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty. Coming to Kinh Beach, you will have the opportunity to explore Binh Hung Island and An Hill Tourist Spot - where there is a path that leads through the forest to the sea at Chuong Beach. In Ninh Chu, you can contemplate the ancient coral reefs in Rai Cave and take gorgeous photos of a wind farm in Ninh Thuan,...

Savoring the famed sea delicacies
After moments of uplifting emotions on the windy sea routes, a cozy meal will be the time for the members to talk about their passions and feelings. Therefore, it will be best to enjoy the hearty dishes in the midst of the sunset on the sea and cocktails on the Emperor yacht.

Meanwhile, lunch is a seafood feast with lobsters, urchins, oysters, squids, and snails..., helping to re-energize for the next destinations. When the night gradually falls in the land characterized by intense sunshine and wind, you will be also served the land’s famed delicacies. Some of them are magnificent dishes of beef cooked with grape wine, sand goannas, goat/lamb meat... In there, delicious wine and munchies will bring together strangers whose hearts may beat as one now.
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