High-class experience with a sea cruise

Nowadays, leisure travel is not simply about resting and relaxing in the luxurious space of high-end resorts. It actually features many other attractive forms. This summer, Vietravel will treat tourists to a resort experience by cruise where they can immerse themselves in nature and float on the sea.
   10/11/2021 11:49

South Central Caravan - a journey along the sea and through forests

The South Central Region is not only famous for many of the most beautiful beaches in the country but also sports bewitching sea routes. For an exciting summer, the caravan tour along the sea and through forests will bring you closer to poetic sea routes. Furthermore, it will offer you the values that makeup South Central Region’s unique features. You can also feast your eyes on the legendary routes.
   29/04/2021 00:00

Unique features of the ethnic cultural identity in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is located in the northernmost part of the country. It attracts tourists for not only its majestic natural scenery but also the unique cultural features of its ethnic minorities.
   28/04/2021 00:00

Ha Giang - charming colors in the northern highlands

Not only impressive with the unspoiled natural beauty, Ha Giang is also an appealing destination with historical sites, cultural activities as well as rustic and sophisticated cuisine.
   28/04/2021 00:00

Deciphering the summer travel trend of young people

Young people have had quite unexpected changes in planning their trips this summer. This can include being excited about the beautiful landmarks of the country and loving to experience new types of travel such as train travel or journey through Vietnam. Besides, they tend to prioritize a convenient, high-class travel service package at a reasonable price.
   14/04/2021 00:00

Leisure travel combined with health care and self-discovery

Work and life are getting more and more hectic. They may cause you to lose balance, forget to take care of and refresh yourself. Therefore, it is very necessary to take a vacation in combination with health care for re-energizing and self-discovery. This is a modern style of travel which is suitable for people of many ages, especially office workers and the elderly.
   14/04/2021 00:00

Traveling in a personalized style with Luxury product line

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic being well controlled, Vietnamese people's preferences for where to spend their vacation with their families have somewhat changed. In particular, many people are increasingly switching to the high-end product line that includes luxury resorts with 5 stars or more. It has become a trend of "excellent living" which characterizes upper-class customers.
   01/04/2021 00:00

Private car travel - Enjoying yourself at peace of mind

While the pandemic is still not completely controlled, the safety factor in tourism is put on top. In order to give tourists peace of mind in traveling, Vietravel has just launched a new tour type of private car travel. Besides the more common types, private car trips promise to become a popular trend due to their freedom, comfort, and high safety.
   23/02/2021 00:00