Leisure travel combined with health care and self-discovery

Work and life are getting more and more hectic. They may cause you to lose balance, forget to take care of and refresh yourself. Therefore, it is very necessary to take a vacation in combination with health care for re-energizing and self-discovery. This is a modern style of travel which is suitable for people of many ages, especially office workers and the elderly.

  14/04/2021 00:00
Detoxification and yoga coupled with leisure travel
The cool weather is ideal for you to slow down and listen to yourself. How about a short vacation of about 3 days? It mainly involves meditation and yoga sessions in an airy and quiet natural space, in addition to sightseeing and learning about local culture. You will feel the fountain of youth with a detox package combining meditation, yoga, qigong practice, and sound therapy. This will bring balance to your spirit and help you deeply relax. You can also reduce anxiety and recover health.

This is an interesting experience if you are a yoga practitioner, interested in getaways, or enjoy a fresh living space. Besides, the journey includes a purifying diet. It helps release toxins from your body and maintain your health. You also improve your life quality through purely plant-based food.

And after discovering the miracles of the "Wellness Retreat" journey in Nam Cat Tien National Park with Vietravel, you can find positive energy. It is also an effective way to refresh your mind and make a fresh start after the trip.

Taking a Japanese-style onsen bath

The vacation will awaken fresh vitality from within yourself with an onsen bath experience. You can soak in the natural hot mineral water in a tranquil setting imbued with the grandeur of Japanese architecture.

You can also regenerate energy and obtain new inspirations with hot sauna activities. The normal steam or Himalayan rock salt will leave your skin clean and clear. Besides mineral essences will penetrate better. They will assist in the treatment of ailments related to respiration, bone, and joint discomfort as well as headache.

The precious gift from nature is very good for blood circulation. It also puts your mind truly at ease. After hours of relaxation, you can wear yukata and sample the food from the land of the rising sun. Then it’s a visit of picturesque Japanese-style photo corners.

The journey also takes you to breathtaking scenery. You will get to admire the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay. It has a network of majestic limestone caves with layers of stalactites and streams of shimmering light.

"Training your soul and mind" at the monastery
Tung Lam Yen Tu, known as "the resort sanctuary hidden at the foot of Yen Tu Mountain", is a unique architectural complex with special healing methods.

It’s best to practice yoga in the fresh and early morning at the foot of the mountain covered with clouds all year round. This will help you increase awareness as well as have a deeper, more authentic, and optimistic view of life. As if following along the Buddha’s footsteps to reach a haven of calm, you will seem to be submerged in the ancient space with the mossy ancient walls of rice husks. After self-discovery to find balance and freshness, you can immerse yourself in a culturally and historically rich space at The Complex of Yen Tu Monuments and Landscape. The site was inspired by Hue Quang Golden Tower of the 13th-century Tran Dynasty.

The journey will bring comfort, peace, and happiness. You will have the opportunity to refresh yourself, have a more positive lifestyle and thinking. There, you can participate in activities such as tasting tea and cake, or practicing Deep Meditation - Singing Bowl Meditation. It is harmoniously combined in a peaceful space. You can also enjoy with your family and friends the village’s festival night or the rural market in the bustling and vibrant village hall. This should be the necessary detox method after many tiring working days.

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