Private car travel - Enjoying yourself at peace of mind

While the pandemic is still not completely controlled, the safety factor in tourism is put on top. In order to give tourists peace of mind in traveling, Vietravel has just launched a new tour type of private car travel. Besides the more common types, private car trips promise to become a popular trend due to their freedom, comfort, and high safety.

  23/02/2021 00:00

What makes private car travel appealing?
Private car travel is the ideal product for car and travel enthusiasts. They wish to experience the intimacy and authenticity of the scenery on each route. They can also learn about the unique culture of new lands. At the same time, private car travel can still ensure privacy and comfort when you travel with your family and friends. If you travel in the traditional style, you will not be able to feel all the joy of getting behind the wheel, conquer poetic roads with majestic natural scenery or observe the local people’s daily life. In particular, this is a style of travel with higher privacy and safety for tourists in the current period. 

Tour programs are meticulously surveyed by Vietravel from a safe, convenient, attractive landscape, suitable attractions to restaurant services, standard hotels... Tourists can rent private 4 or 7-seater cars. In addition, the company can arrange private cars with experienced drivers on demand.

Throughout the journey, the tour guide will accompany and support tourists. This will provide a trip full of interesting experiences. For groups with special requirements that are beyond pure sightseeing, the company will organize activities such as campfire, gala dinner, team building... 

Abundant journeys of discovery from the sunny blue sea to the alluvial land
Let’s start by discovering the "colors of the sea" in the South-Central Region with beautiful coastal roads. You will have thrilling moments in the car as you drive by the immense sand dunes, majestic mountains, as well as limitless sea and sky. This will give you a full sense of the impressive and magical beauty of Vietnam. And it will be unforgettable to set foot in the gorgeous Nha Trang Bay. There, you can contemplate the scarlet sunset across the sky or enjoy a romantic dinner on a luxury yacht.

It will be an extremely appealing experience to explore the pristine and emerald green Binh Hung Island and enjoy fresh lobsters. Or you can visit the island’s sole route through the forest down to the sea.

Next, it will be about experiencing the journey of “alluvial roads” in Ca Mau Cape National Park. You can keep unforgettable moments of sailing a motorboat through mangrove forests to discover the world's second-largest mangrove forest. And notably, it is the famed specialties of the land. Afterward, you will come to Bac Lieu to listen to the southern folk music of Don Ca Tai Tu. And you can also watch the gorgeous sunset at the largest wind farm in Vietnam. Besides, the journey will include numerous well-known temples where you can pray for peace and happiness. Among them are Quan Am Phat Dai Pagoda, Bat Pagoda, and Truc Lam Phuong Nam Zen Monastery. Finally, you will seemingly return to the poetic and simple beauty of the ancient southern land when you board a boat to visit Cai Rang Floating Market. The unique culture on the poetic river will be awaiting you to explore.

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