Deciphering the summer travel trend of young people

Young people have had quite unexpected changes in planning their trips this summer. This can include being excited about the beautiful landmarks of the country and loving to experience new types of travel such as train travel or journey through Vietnam. Besides, they tend to prioritize a convenient, high-class travel service package at a reasonable price.

  14/04/2021 00:00
Elevating your experience with the service packages of air tickets and 4 or 5-star hotels
Domestic travel has become the most popular trend today. It can be attributed to the continuous promotions, stimulus programs, new product releases... from many big brands. This is also the beginning of a whole new definition of a "dream trip" for young people.

Nowadays, travel is more than just exploring new locations, meeting interesting people, trying delicious food, or visiting many places of interest. In fact, many other standards are set for a full-experience vacation. The quality of comfortable high-class services or the selection of resorts with an all-inclusive ecosystem is the perfect blend between nature connection and the fulfillment of young people’s entertainment needs. Saving costs is also one of the top priorities among young people. With their responsiveness to information and ability to use technology proficiently, the youth are very "hard-working" and excited about hunting for deeply discounted travel packages. 
For example, from April 16 to 18, the online community had been advising each other to "pin" the schedule to hunt for a utility service package. It included airline tickets and 4 or 5-star luxury hotel rooms. The package was offered by Vietravel with discounts of up to 50%, and promotion of buying 10 and getting 1 free. Accordingly, guests would only need to spend from 1,290,000 VND to get a package inclusive of round-trip tickets to fly the first travel airline in Vietnam - Vietravel Airlines and a 2-night stay at a 4 or 5-star hotel. The rates applied for itineraries of Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Mui Ne - Phan Thiet, Vung Tau - Ho Tram. Especially, the daily departure schedule in April & May and free airport buses were a huge plus to help tourists easily choose the right time to plan their vacation. In addition, the company would also support tourists in booking sightseeing tickets and advise on travel itineraries at no cost.

In the summer, it is impossible to overlook the sea travel routes like Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Tuy Hoa, Quy Nhon, or Ly Son, one of the perfect options for the travel needs of young people. With the "cooling-down" prices ranging from only 1,490,000 VND - 3,290,000 VND for a journey of 3 to 4 days, young people can save up to 30% compared to booking separate services. Let's plan and enjoy a colorful summer!

Enjoying “the summer passing by the window” with train travel
It seems to be outdated, but traveling by train is the "hot trend" of this summer. It is because of the conveniences and experiences to look forward to. A comfortable, relaxed train that carries you on the railway lines along the S-shaped strip of land is the feature that no other mode of transport has.

Moreover, the train takes a longer time than the plane. In return, you will be able to see the magnificent nature and the country’s shape appear in the window in a wonderfully attractive manner. The golden sands in the sun, the lush fields, the winding passes around the mountainside, the blue sea, the murmuring waves... will slowly show up in front of your eyes. Moreover, traveling by train is also extremely convenient because you don't have to stand in line for check-in or worry about excess baggage. Especially if traveling with family or friends, you can comfortably talk, eat and rest in the same private space, helping emotionally bond everyone.

One of the things which excite tourists is that they can combine departures from major cities such as Hanoi, Quang Binh, Da Nang, and Nha Trang. They can also choose a tour program lasting 4 days, 6 days, 9 days... This makes it easy to schedule their journey and saves the worry about a tight vacation time.

The cost optimization and the flexibility in service selection are also a plus. It is because tourists can pick a package tour at a price starting at 1,550,000 VND/day (using the entire Vinpearl hotel system) or a tour exclusive of meals and entrance fees. The proactive cost estimation and the attractions that are geared toward young customers will bring many interesting and free experiences. In addition, tourists can also easily combine their travel with many other activities such as visiting relatives or working while still wishing to have time for sightseeing and travel.
From April 16 to 18, at the Festival of Tourism and Culinary Culture, Vietravel debuted a summer travel "super-product" with a discount of up to 50% and many attractive offers for tour bookings. The specifics are as follows: Buy 10 and get 1 free for booking of air tickets + hotel rooms; discounts up to 500,000 VND for air tickets or a service package of air tickets + hotel rooms on the celebration of April 30; discount up to 600,000 VND for groups of 4 guests or more who book a tour of the entire Quang Binh train and a gift of a VietravelPlus Platinum card for booking of a journey through Vietnam.

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