Experience winter in Sapa, Vietnam

From late November all through February, winter takes over in Sapa. Temperatures can drop as low as freezing and you might even get to see snow. Visit Sapa in some days and you will love this place!

  20/12/2019 15:41

Winter in Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa, located in northwest Vietnam, is such an amazing top tourist destination, famous for the imposing nature and the friendliness of the minority people living here. When we think of Sapa, the breathtaking view of the terraced fields, the high mountains, and the diverse culture of more than 30 local ethnic groups just come to our minds. 

Winter in Sapa is cold and humid, especially during the night. However, sunrise on these days in Sapa is just so appealing. Waking up early and sitting on top of one of the streams to watch the sunrise in the early morning is a top thing to do in Sapa. In this season there’s also snow, but it’s not the same kind of snow as those in some temperate countries. Snow in Sapa is just groups of tiny snowflakes that fall from the clouds. 
While it would be a magical sight to see the rolling hills and mountains covered in a blanket of fresh white snow, you can imagine hiking in this weather could be challenging and would require you to bring a lot of extra gear and clothes you won’t need during the rest of your time in Vietnam.

If it doesn’t get cold enough to snow, you will probably get some light rains which again will make trails and streets muddy. Winter is also a time of heavy fog. If you’re lucky you can catch the clouds gliding in to wrap around the mountains and beautifully reflect the light, but chances are your views of Sapa’s unique landscape will be obstructed by fog and all you’ll see around you as you hike is a grey wall.

Top things to do in Sapa

There are loads of great things to see and do in Sapa Vietnam. Visitors usually love all that the charming town has to offer – these suggestions only skim the surface! 

1. Trek to the local villages

Trekking to some of the nearby local villages is a must when in Sapa, you’ll pass some absolutely gorgeous scenery. Once you arrive, you’ll be immersed in the hill tribes’ culture and customs and come away richer for the experience. The Cat Cat Village is particularly popular amongst tourists, as you get to see how the Hmong villagers farm the valley and produce handmade textiles. (Vu Pham Van / © Culture Trip)

2. Stop by the Sapa Culture Museum

This wonderful little museum is well worth stopping by if you want to learn more about the local history. Its exhibits and galleries highlight the different costumes, traditions, and cultures of the various hill tribes.

3. Hike up the highest mountain in Southeast Asia (or take the cable car)!

Fansipan towers to a height of 3,143 meters and is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. Hiking to the top may be tough, but you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views of the beautiful countryside.

Alternatively, you can take the cable car up and enjoy the scenic view from its window if hiking in Sapa isn’t on your bucket list! 
4. Visit the lively Sapa Market

Stop by Sapa Market to experience the less-touristy side to the town and meander along the stalls looking at all the fresh, colorful produce that is brought in from the surrounding area. Buy some local handicrafts which have been so expertly made by the local hill tribes as gifts or souvenirs.

5. Marvel at the stunning view from Heaven’s Gate

Although you’ll find beautiful scenery almost everywhere you go in Sapa Vietnam, the delightfully named Heaven’s Gate is well worth a visit; the views on offer are just breathtaking. The valley falls away before you and mountains stretch away into the distance, seemingly going forever.

While it does look incredible, visitors sometimes find that fog covers everything but the highest peaks! Not far from Heaven’s Gate is the Thac Bac Waterfall; due to their proximity to one another, it is worth combining the two when making a trip.

Source Juliana Hahn

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