Luxuriously checking in at famous resorts in Phu Quoc

What motivates you every time you think of travel? To get some new experiences, to relieve stress, to post photos on social networks, to keep memories with friends and family, etc.? This time, TripU will take you to luxury resorts and attractive tourist attractions with delicious food in Phu Quoc. You should visit them at least once in your life.

  09/06/2020 00:00

Once ranked in the top 3 by National Geographic, Phu Quoc was voted one of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinations. The island is endowed by nature with the abundance and charm of majestic mountains and immense sea. It is truly a paradise for sea lovers. In particular, this pearl island is also the most suitable place for entertainment and relaxation for the whole family. To understand the definition of high-class and sophistication, it is best to immerse yourself in a peaceful, relaxing space and enjoy a full-experience vacation in Phu Quoc.

Let's experience a high-class life with TripU at Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc; Sol by Melia Phu Quoc; JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa; InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort, etc. As soon as you arrive here, you will notice a different style with a high-class, luxurious resort, first-class facilities, and outstanding services. They will ensure a complete and memorable vacation for you.

Phu Quoc, known as the pearl island of Vietnam, is always the hottest destination. It is chosen by many young people for check-in. Especially, you will stop wondering what is beautiful about Phu Quoc once you have witnessed the wonderful sunset here. It will definitely be a memorable time to release yourself on a bean bag chair at the beach and enjoy a cool cocktail in a romantic sunset scene.

TripU will recommend 10 spots to watch the sunset with the best sea view in Phu Quoc. You can free have fun with your friends to stir up the endless summer there. First of all, it is OCSEN Beach Bar & Club. The place is extremely ideal for those who actively post photos on social media. This is because it is equipped with bean bag chairs on the beach and eye-catching tent decor. Next are Rock Sunset Island Bar, Golden Sand Bar, Chuon Chuon Bistro & Sky Bar, Shri Phu Quoc, Sunset Sanato Beach Club, The Rock Corner Beach Bar & Fast Food, Mango Bay Resort, InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort, etc. They all boast magical sunset views in Phu Quoc.

“What should I taste in Phu Quoc?” must be a common question during the planning for a trip to the island paradise of Phu Quoc. This should not matter because everything is delicious and unique in Phu Quoc, from grilled seafood dishes to sidewalk snacks. Follow TripU to discover Phu Quoc‘s cuisine and find yourself a great menu.

The best-selling dish in Phu Quoc is grilled sea urchins. The flesh is pinkish white and the flavor is rich, which is so tempting. Next are Ham Ninh sentinel crabs which are firm, fresh, and cooked in many ways. In fact, boiled or steamed sentinel crabs are just irresistible, even without sauces. Besides, among the famed delicacies are sea cucumbers which are cooked into many delicious and nutritious dishes. They can be sea cucumber stir-fried with snakehead fish, sea cucumber stir-fried with spoon cabbage, sea cucumber congee, sea cucumber served with scorched rice, mixed soup of sea cucumber and tofu, sea cucumber stuffed with fish, etc.

The most easily "sold-out" dish in Phu Quoc is grilled abalone served with a sauce of ginger, garlic, fish sauce, chili, and pepper. It is just finger-licking good. Herring salad is also one of the specialties that you must try when coming to Phu Quoc. To make a delicious and unique herring salad, it requires a combination of many other ingredients. And do not forget to taste horn scallops. Their meat has a sweet, rich, and fatty taste. They can be cooked in many ways rich in sea flavors such as stir-fried with shiitake mushrooms, dipped in hot pot, grilled with salt and chili, stir-fried with lemongrass and chili, etc. Especially, when it comes to delicious Phu Quoc dishes, murex snails are, of course, indispensable due to their both fatty and sweet flavor. Take a bite of them, and you will feel their tough, crunchy meat with a rich aroma. In addition, when visiting Phu Quoc, do not forget to enjoy kèn noodle soup (bún kèn) or the strange version of sweet steamed rice paper (bánh ướt ngọt). You just cannot resist eating more.

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