Vietravel has just introduced a program for sightseeing in Binh Chau and Ho Tram with luxury accommodation at the luxury 5 stars resort. With the reasonable distance from Ho Chi Minh City, good road condition, a range of luxury services, Binh Chau and Ho Tram are among most interesting destinations for families in the New Year.

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Understanding the demand form customers for a peaceful and relaxing New Year holiday, Vietravel has introduced a travel program to Binh Chau hot spring resort and the heavenly retreat in Ho Tram. This is the only and best program in the market now, specially designed by Vietravel aiming at private families.

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Only 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Chau Hot Spring in Ba Ria – Vung Tau is a wonderful combination of primeval vegetation and a geyser of hot mineral water. Not far from there, the beach in Ho Tram is considered as an exciting destination that one cannot miss in the tour. The luxury resort of Grand Ho Tram Strip and the 5 stars hotel Vietsopetro are magnificent places for tourists to make a sojourn through the New Year days.

Five stars hotel Vietsopetro is also a brilliant choice

In the silvery mist, it feels like you can see the image of the young couple in the legend telling about the origin of the hot spring. Once upon a time when this place was just uninhabited jungles, there lived a couple of husband and wife. Everyday the husband went out hunting while the wife stayed at home making food and working on the weaving frame. That day, the husband while chasing his games found himself lost in dark jungle. The sky got darker and darker and he had to find a makeshift shelter and stay in the jungle. At home the wife was waiting for her husband and made a pot of boiling water to prepare food from the animals he would bring back. Waiting and waiting until late night, the wife got angry and threw the pot of boiling water on the ground. Hot water from the pot run into a flow and wherever it went to it made misty steam came up and finally turned in to an enormous lake of hot water. That became the hot spring in Binh Chau today.

Aside with legend, scientists explained that the hot water in Binh Chau came from the underground flow heated when going through hot rocks of feeble volcanic activity. Researchers said water of the hot spring in Binh Chau contains silica, nitrogen, sulfur, etc., which can dissolve and remove the toxins in our body and so can be a treatment to various diseases.


Most impressive to tourists could be the mud bathing service with hot mineral mud from purified sediment by a meticulous process. After 15 minutes soaking in hot mud, another 15 minutes in water, mix up the mud and eucalyptus extract the spread all over your body. Relax and let the mud set in 30 minutes, then soak in hot mineral water again for another 15 minutes. You are revitalized. Leaving the mud bathing center, tourists visit the egg boiling section where hot water comes out at the temperature of 80oC. Just leave some egg in the water for 10 to 15 minutes; they will be ready for your picnic lunch. After all the interesting sightseeing, nothing could be better than soaking in the swimming pool or lie down on the sandy beach with complete relaxation.

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Tour information:

BINH CHAU HOT SPRING – HO TRAM BLUE OCEAN (5 stars resort) 2 days.

From: 2,690,000 VND

Dep: 1, 3, 4 February 2014



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