From the upcoming 12 to 20 April, once again Hue people as well as travelers to Hue will have chance to live in the former capital with the atmosphere of a lively and colorful Festival. The most expected festival of the capital city will take place keeping the old theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development”.

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Hue Festival is the first contemporary festival of Vietnam developed on the new concept about festival and based on the festival models of renowned cities in the world. Taking place for the first time in 2000, this biennial festival is a national and international event gathering unique art performances. It is also the occasion to honor cultural and historical values of the former capital city in collision with other cultures of the world. 

Previous Hue Festivals brought local and foreign tourists very deep impressions by meticulously prepared art performances such as imperial spectacles, traditional festivities and various art shows. 

Whoever has once visited the dreamlike Hue imprinting a golden past with Huong River and Ngu Mountain would obviously get a sensitive feeling when reading the verses of the poem “Goodbye” written by Thu Bon: 

Since you led me to ancient shrines

The gem bowl was sunk deep at the bottom of the river

Royal tombs are like the sunset fighting against the forgotten days

The sun was yellow and your eyes were brown  

I once came and said goodbye to Hue  

Then in my dreams, I missed Hue a thousand times. 

Joining Hue Festival and wallowing in the festive atmosphere is just like touching “the gem bowl”, waking up in the nights inside the Citadel and going back to the past while enjoying the “Imperial Night” spectacles.

Within the framework Hue Festival, in the space of the ancient capital, “Ao dai” Grand Shows is promising to honor the charm of Hue and the beauty of Vietnamese traditional costumes. In addition, several art performances re-enacting the history will take place during the festival inside Hue Citadel, at An Dinh Palace, Noon Gate Square and the square stage of Hue National School. 

Coming to Hue in festive days, tourists will play both roles of audiences and makers of the festival together with fascinating community activities including exhibitions, traditional kite flying, boat racing, street music and fine arts, the children fiesta "Colors of Childhood”, etc. appealing tourists and the public all days and nights.

Moreover, daily life and common cultural activities outside the Citadel of Hue will probably generate more strange viewpoints and varied experiences of travelers. The expanded activities within the framework of Hue Festival 2014 are "Splendid Taste of an Ancient Village" at Phuoc Tich of Phong Dien District and "Rural Market on Festive Days” at Huong Thuy town.

Building on the theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development”, Hue Festival 2014 will be the gathering place for different cultures from all over the world. Together with nation art troupes, there are more than 30 international leading art troupes of the five continents contributing to Hue Festival enchanting traditional and contemporary art performances.

Some typical international art troupes participating in Hue Festival are Carabosse from France, Eisa - Okinawa from Japan, Bati Holic Drum Troupe from Kyoto (Japan), troupes of ancient court ritual music from National Gugak Center (Korea), Guadalajara Folk Ballet Group from Mexico, OSP Nadarzyn – one of the most famous bands in Poland, De Steltenlopers van Merchtem Royal Stiltwakers from the Kingdom of Belgium, etc. These foreign troupes together with local art groups promise to contribute to Hue Festival spectacular street performances staged every afternoon throughout the festival.


Key events of Hue Festival 2014

- Grand Opening Ceremony at 20:00 of 12 April 2014

- “Imperial Night” Spectacles at 19:00 of 15 & 19 April 2014 (with royal banquet)

-  “Ao Dai” Grand Shows at 20:00 of 14 & 17 April 2014

- “Oriental Night” Costume Shows in the evenings of 13, 15, 16 and 18 April 2014

- Lighting the Truong Tien Bridge with fire installation by Carabosse Company (France) in the evenings of 18 & 20 April 2014

- Street performances themed “Heritage and Cultural Colors” every afternoon on the city streets of districts and towns of Thua Thien – Hue during the festival

- Closing Ceremony at 20:00 of 20 April 2014

Besides, there are several festivities like "Splendid Taste of an Ancient Village" at Phuoc Tich of Phong Dien District (14 to April 2014), "Rural Market on Festive Days” at Huong Thuy town (13 to April 2014), the children fiesta "Colors of Childhood" (18 to 20 April 2014).


Tour “Heritages of Central Vietnam & Hue Festival 2014”

- Da Nang - Ba Na - Hoi An - Ho Truoi (Bach Ma) - Lang Co - Hue (4 days) – With promotional rate from  VND4.39mil – Departure: 15 April  

- Da Nang - Hue - Thien Duong Grotto - Ba Na - Hoi An (4 days) – With super-economical rate from VND5.39mil – Departure: 14 April 

- Da Nang - Hue - Phong Nha - Ba Na - Hoi An (4 days) – With super-economical rate from VND5.39mil – Departure: 13 & 17 April

- Da Nang - Lang Co - Hue - Thien Duong Grotto - Ba Na - Hoi An (5 days) – With super-economical rate from VND6.19mil – Departure: 16 April

- Da Nang - Hue - Phong Nha Grotto - Thien Duong Grotto - Ba Na - Hoi An (5 days) – With super-economical rate from VND6.39mil – Departure: 12 & 19 April

* 3-star & 4-star hotels are supplied during the tour. Since promotional rates are offered for a limited number of vacancies, please kindly register for the tours as soon as possible.   Depending on departing time, travelers may take part in varied events of Hue Festival.          


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