10 best places for cycling in Vietnam

Vietnam is well-known for its diverse nature, ranging from vast rice paddies to long coastline of mesmerizing beaches and enormous mountains after mountains.

  18/10/2017 16:00
But what makes biking adventure in this country possible and interesting is the dense network of roads that can get tourists anywhere they wish, be it remote or central.

1. Sapa

Sapa belongs to the mountainous northern area of Vietnam. The place possesses heavenly beauty with hovering soft clouds among mountain ranges. Along the biking route, tourists will have the chance to see the change in nature going up to higher altitude, encounter many ethnic minority people and experience the treacherous paths. Owing to the special feature of mountainous area, the rice paddies here are made as terrace along the slope of the hills, which turn to a beautiful yellow in during harvesting.

2. Moc Chau

Moc Chau is a small peaceful town of Son La province in Northern Vietnam. The place produces some the best tea in Vietnam. The place is becoming a tourist attraction among the avid travellers owing to its immense green tea plantation, situating on ranges after ranges of hills. The place possesses heavenly atmosphere when, during spring, wild flowers are blossoming everywhere amid the hovering mist.

3. Ba Be Lake and National Park

Ba Be belongs to Bac Can province, which is situated in the North of Vietnam. The landscape here is marvelous with towering limestone mountain, deep valleys, dense forests, waterfalls, caves and lakes. In addition, the national park possesses a rich biodiversity with hundreds of unnamed plants species and other hundreds of wildlife species.There are scenes of stilt home of the ethnic minority Tay along with Dao and Mong people. The most famous tourist site is Ba Be Lake. With a size of 8km in length and 400m in width, the lake deserves its title “the emerald of Northern Vietnam”.

4. Mekong Delta

The road in Mekong Delta (South of Vietnam) is much more comfortable for cycling than the mountainous parts. But the scenery is just as idyllic with rice paddies expanding to the horizon.There is a particularly dense network of rivers, canals and streams where people have their house, their boats and even markets floating on. Cyclers can experience quaint riverside towns, a dazzling variety of greens and colorful floating fruits on the rivers.

5. Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park is located in the South of Vietnam, roughly 150 km north of Ho Chi Minh. It possesses rich biodiversity of lowland tropical rainforest. Therefore, the park is the ideal place for mountain-biking and wildlife-spotting. Hours of cycling among the dense forest and breathing in the fresh air will definitely energize your souls and, at the same time, work up your muscles.

6. Cham Island

Cham Island is an unspoiled island about 18km offshore from Hoi An. The island has amazingly rich biodiversity and is recognized by UNESCO as World biosphere reserve. There are many ways to do cycling on the islands: you can either cycle along the coast and around the island to experience both the seascape and the green forest on the sides, or you can get visit a few fishing village by going deeper into the island.

7. Hai Van Pass

If you are looking for more adventure, Hai Van Pass should be on your cycling list. You can start off from Hue and aim to reach Da nang by passing Hai Van. The roads are paved but built on very winding road along with heavy-load trucks. However, the view along the road is terrific and worth the effort. There are imposing green mountains on one side and sharp cliffs against the ocean on the other side.

8. Da Lat

Da Lat is a city situated on the Langbian Plateau of Central Highlands of Vietnam. Most cyclers will choose to ride to the base of Langbian Mountain, then o along the forest trails to reach Victory Lake and Valley of Love. Cycling trip comprises of alternate uphill and downhill rides, through different territories and nature. What is more, there is some chance of passing waterfalls along the way as well.

9. Hoi An

Hoi An should deserve your consideration if you seek for a relaxing cycling trip. Cycling through the rural areas and into the city is an easy biking tour but can still provide you ample chance for nature sightseeing and opportunities to experience Vietnamese rural landscapes and lifestyles. Rice paddies, water buffalo, bamboo houses and bamboo ranges are the iconic images of Vietnam and now appear in front of your eyes. Hoi An city, however, offers a different view: a city once was thriving and prosperous and now is pretty and poetic.

10. Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is based on an island in northern Vietnam and east of Hai Phong. This park is one of the most important nature reserves in Vietnam with large collection of animals and plants, some of which are unique to Vietnam. What is special about Cat Ba National Park is the wide ranges of experience you can get cycling around the park. There are plenty hidden beaches, waterfalls, caves, mountain by limestone and stunning valleys.

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