At the age of 18, Vietravel is filled with the energy of a growing youth who is living up to the mission of contributing for a better community, living up to the responsibility of self-improvement for the satisfaction of tourists. The 18 year journey of Vietravel is a dream for any business, not only for how fast the company has grown or for the honorable national and international awards, but for the success in conquering the hearts of hundreds of thousands tourists for a sustainable development.

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Vietravel and the mission of a pioneer. 

Anyone would say a new road will be full of hardship, challenges and chances of failure. However, where there is a will there is a way. Set your heart and go all out for it, you will finally overcome the obstacles to arrive at the finish line. Vietravel set its heart to be a pioneer and marched on its course with unsurpassed determination and steaming energy in its veins.

Starting with 10 million VND, Vietravel scored 55 billion of sales in 2000, 370 billion in 2005 and accessed the leading position of Vietnam’s tourism industry with 1,480 billion in 2010. Records were set to be hit: 2,000 billion of sales in 2011, 2,500 billion in 2012 and, the company is trying to hit 3,000 billion for 2013.

Numbers are only numbers, but growing 300,000 times bigger in 18 years is really something to admire. The success came from smart strategy of market development in all domestic, outbound and inbound travel; the continuous expansion of the retail network facilitating the direct contact with tourists; a flexible product policy; and especially the uncompromising commitment to service quality and professionalism.

If the history were converted to a screenplay, the director could have to spend a lot of thoughts on how to depict the rugged journey of a pioneer who put on his own shoulders a great mission. The company is striving for professionalism, while continuously utilizing its competitive strengths to ensure inspiration and added values for its customers.

Generations of employees join the company one after another, but together they made Vietravel a big family with love and sharing. No one ever complained about the hardship as they all understood that was where they should get better than what they were.

If it was a midnight arrival, the tourguide wouldn’t mind leaving home and rushing through late streets to pick up the tourists. He had to count on his family members who took care of the family when he was away. There were sales reps that burst out in tears when she received a compliment from her customers. There were evenings when one could have been at home for dinner, but many managers and employees still worked at their desk to get the job done. That sacrifice has been rewarded when the company received honorable titles and recognitions from tourists, the media, the industry authorities and the government.

Have a look back. The last 18 years were a series of adversities, from the economy crisis in the region in 1997, the bird flu epidemic in the next years, and the worldwide crisis which swept away a great number of businesses. Somehow, Vietravel was able to withstand the profound recession thanks to its all out effort and the collective strength of the management and the staff.

The success was beyond expectation. Vietravel possesses priceless assets that any other company must covet: a strong team, a strong customer base and a strong business culture. More than 1,000 employees are committed to the mission: responsibility towards the environment and the community. This army is marching to its target from little things that contribute to the mission and it has a strong support from the customers as the foothold for to realize its goals.


Vietravel - Customer oriented philosophy and the art of listening

Looking at things from the angle of its customers and listening to the demand, Vietravel was always trusted by the customers. After 18 years of hard work, Vietravel has become not only the flagship of Vietnam tourism industry but also taken a part in promoting the image of Vietnam tourism to a new height with new goals and mission.

One after another, new offices of Vietravel has been springing up inside and outside Vietnam. Vietravel was able to establish its brandname even in Cambodia, Thailand, USA. By 2013, Vietravel has expanded the network to as many as 47 offices nationwide from Lao Cai to Ca Mau.

The challenges in a larger playground have been defined, on the other hand, a thousand staff of Vietravel are firm with their course, striving to become Vietnam’s first multi-national travel company in 2015 and one of top ten leading tour operators in Asia by 2020.

To reinforce its commitment, in 2011 Vietravel made a breakthrough achievement and became one of the top 16 leading tour operators in Asia, winner of TTG Awards. In the next 2 consecutive years 2012 & 2013 Vietravel continued to receive the title “Best Travel Agency – Vietnam” from TTG. On top of that, Vietravel became the first and only travel company in Vietnam who won the World Travel Awards 2013. The greater the honor, the greater the responsibility to maintain its leading position and the values that make the company as it is now: professionalism, inspiration, added values.

If one thinks about top 10 most significant events of Vietnam tourism industry in 2013, Vietravel deserved to be the owner of one among those.

Vietravel has arrived at the beautiful age of 18, energetic and matured enough to write up extraordinary stories for Vietnam tourism. Happy birthday to Vietravel. The pioneer will always be the leader representing the pride of Vietnam, the pride of Vietravel.

Source: PR Department


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