Restarting MICE tourism in post-COVID-19 period

In 2021, when the COVID-19 pandemic was under control, Vietravel restarted and accelerated the MICE tourism market. To increase the trip efficiency for businesses, Vietravel launched many attractive MICE packages. They were the combination of sightseeing tours with incentives, conferences, seminars, customer meetings, team building, training... at the optimal cost.

  26/03/2021 00:00
Vietravel continues to promote the strength of MICE tourism in the post-COVID-19 period
Vietravel has over 25 years of experience and a reputation in organizing MICE group inclusive tours. Hence, it has always been a pioneer in building MICE travel programs that are close to actual needs. Vietravel MICE products also help engage businesses with their employees as well as evoking creativity and solidarity. Besides, they enhance the values of life for the leading companies and corporations in Vietnam. With these benefits, Vietravel always ensures the best service quality and the most reasonable price.

The COVID-19 pandemic broke out many times and was then under control in 2020. During the period, the company served nearly 210,000 MICE visitors. Some groups had more than 1,000 visitors. The company is expected to serve about 385,000 MICE tourists in 2021. Our destinations include many large-scale resorts and good services. Among the places most frequently chosen by businesses are Hanoi - Ha Long, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet, and Vung Tau - Long Hai. 

Over the past years, Vietravel MICE has been proud to have successfully organized many large GITs of well-known and loyal companies. Among them are 4 Oranges Company, Cargill Vietnam Co., Ltd., AIA Vietnam Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Manulife Vietnam Co., Ltd., Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Thang Long Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Jotun Paints Vietnam Co., Ltd., Masan Consumer Goods Joint Stock Company, Akzo Nobel Paints Vietnam Co., Ltd., Stada-Vietnam Joint Venture Co., Ltd., Loc Troi Group Joint Stock Company, etc.

Speeding up the summer travel season with Vietravel MICE 

It is assumed that in the coming summer months, the number of MICE tourists will increase sharply. It is the time when agencies and businesses focus on the organization of teambuilding, training... coupled with sightseeing and leisure travel. Vietravel can provide perfect solutions for businesses to organize events during the trip thanks to its advantages from Vietravel Holdings' closed tourism ecosystem. The group has a nationwide network of branches and offers many services. Specifically, Asia Express provides vehicles; Vietravel Airlines can ensure good prices and proactive arrangement of seats. Green Leaf Travel Center aims to support customers at departure and arrival terminals. And especially, Vietnam Bee Event Center (Beevent) specializes in event organization. This superiority promises to meet all needs and enhance customer experience.

Vietravel provide a wide range of tourism products complete with conferences, seminars, team building... This summer, the company pioneered and boldly launched the program of "Travel & Training - Travel coupled with training". It is considered as a training program in a fairly new format. The new product aims to connect members with each other and increase efficiency at work. The content of the training program is tailored to the culture of each company. Furthermore, it features a variety of activities from indoor to outdoor. The advanced training methods will also bring practical experiences. Additionally, they can be an effective way to convey the message that businesses wish to send to their staff. This type of training program is very successful in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, China, Korea...

Vietravel Airlines special offers for MICE tours

With the motto "Your brand is our asset", Vietravel MICE always accompanies businesses to bring optimal benefits. Specifically, this summer, customers can get free round-trip tickets for Vietravel Airlines flights. This applies when they sign a tour contract complete with a Gala Dinner and team building for groups of 100 guests or more. In addition, customers who choose to fly with Vietravel Airlines will receive additional benefits as follows: Flexible ticket issuance period; Welcome board at the airport departure and arrival terminals; Private check-in counter; Priority to use the lounge at the airport; Welcomed on board by captain/flight attendants; Business leaders can send greetings to employees/customers/partners on board; Request to use tissues or food tray liners printed with the company's brand for promotion; and many other benefits from other Advertising/PR packages on Vietravel Airlines flights. (*)

Each Vietravel trip always brings "professionalism – uplifting emotions - added values". Additionally, it leaves many indelible imprints on distinctive and unique journeys for our customers. This is the "golden key" to Vietravel MICE's success.
(*) Depending on the level of signed contracts

Besides organizing tours, Vietravel MICE especially offers event organization services for customers. Vietnam Bee Event Center (Beevent) under Vietravel Holdings specializes in providing package services for businesses. They include Founding Anniversary Celebration, Customer Appreciation Conference, Gala Dinner, Teambuilding, Travel Fair at home and abroad... Beevent has also been the organizer of teambuilding programs with a scale of over 1,000 Vietravel employees since 2010. 

In the context of the volatile market, COVID-19 has greatly affected the organization form of team-building tours. Beevent has coordinated with suppliers to deploy team-building products in the following 3 forms:
- Investing in and enriching a series of games for customers to experience.
- Deploying team-building product packages through training in the international format conducted by excellent coaches.
- Collaborating with international teambuilding product suppliers to implement technological teambuilding for the first time for customers.

Each team-building tour is meticulously invested by Beevent in the idea and message of the program. All are planned in detail, in the tailor-made style and associated with corporate culture. As a result, when businesses participate in a MICE tour, they always feel connected to their brand. Therefore, they can improve their work productivity.

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