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The 4th Anniversary (17/7/2009 – 17/7/2013) of Vietravel Training Center (VIETC) was formally held on July 19th 2013. For 4 years of development, VIETC has affirmed its position as the leading prestigious provider of tourism training in Vietnam up to now.

  19/07/2013 16:15

VIETC under Vietravel was established on July 17th 2009 with targets aimed at training high quality human resource for Vietravel in particular, for tourism industry of Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide in general. Over each stage of formation and development, VIETC has hold tens of travel operations training courses and successfully trained hundreds of trainees. Trainees after graduation from the center have also successfully got employment by themselves at travel companies, and many excellent trainees of them have been recruited to work directly for Vietravel.

Also at the 4th Anniversary of VIETC, a course-ending ceremony was held for over 90 trainees of classes namely tour sale and operation, tourist guide, and an opening ceremony  for classes tour sale and operation K22, and air ticket booking K4  were also held at this 4th Anniversary as well.

Deeply understanding market demands when corporate clients have had more and more demands on organizing events, animations, teambuilding and gala, since July 2013, VIETC has opened the first training course on “Animation and Event Management Skills”  with training duration for 2.5 months, flexibly held at nights, and taught by well qualified and experienced lecturers who would provide practically useful knowledge to trainees.  Lecturer Huynh Huu Tam, who is one of the pioneers imparting Teambuilding to Vietnam and the main lecturer of the training subject, said that:”With the “theory-combined practice” training program designed, trainees would have two thirds (2/3) of learning time to practise and experience at Vietravel and practical programs and events, accordingly, after graduation, such trainees would have sufficient knowledge and skills to work effectively”.

Some images of the 4th Anniversary:

Mr. Nguyen Minh Ngoc – Deputy General Director of Vietravel spoke at the 4th Anniversary

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai – Director of Vietravel Training Center spoke at the 4th Anniversary

Mr. Nguyen Minh Ngoc – Deputy General Director of Vietravel offered congratulatory flowers to lecturers

of Vietravel Training Center

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai – Director of Vietravel Training Center offered congratulatory flowers to lecturers who are staff of Vietravel

Mr. Nguyen Minh Ngoc – Deputy General Director of Vietravel offered rewards to trainees who excellently passed the final examinations

Course-ending and graduation ceremony

Alumni representative of Vietravel Training Center, who was recruited to work directly for Vietravel,shared her ideas with trainees

Trainees taken photograph with their lecturers at the course-ending ceremony

All have been ready to get successes with their “knowledge and skills”


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