In coordination with Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lam Dong, Daklak provinces and Vietnam Airlines, Viettravel Tourism Company organized an investigation program for reporter groups to explore spectacular and eye-catching features in the itinerary of Ban Me Thuot – Da Lat from the second to sixth of November, 2013. This is regarded as one of significant events contributing to the introduction of Da Lat Plateau and Central Highland Tourism, ready for the preparation of National Tourism Year in Central Highland 2014 and welcoming the cerebration event of 120 years of Da Lat city establishment and development.

  03/12/2013 15:12

Accordingly, the working groups shall be first scheduled to visit and investigate in Ban Me Thuot in two days of the second and third of November, 2013; then trip to Ko Tam Cultural EcoTourism Zone to have enjoyment and discovery of plant, production, and processing procedure of reputable coffee specialities. In particular, what worth mentioning is the exploration itinerary of ethnic minorities that navigate to Cong Chieng Festival, Can wine (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes), baked meat, visit to Daklak Museum of Ethnology where displays and introduces Central Highland cultural space and other 44 brotherhood ethnics residing in Daklak province territory. The groups will also pay a visit to Dray Nur Fall that is well-known for the most imposing and spectacular in Central Highland, then learned about indigeneous cultural values, riding elephans across Daklak Lake, boating pirague and discovering lifestyle in Le village (Buon Le) and Jun village (Buon Jun) of M’ Nong people, et cetera.

The visiting groups learned about procedure of processing Ban Me Thuot famous coffee 

Experiencing daily ordinary life of native people in the long house

In the evening of December 2nd 2013, the working group of Vietravel and reporters had a meeting and promoted tourism to local leaders. On the side of local authority, the press conference included the participation of Mrs. Mai Hoan – Vice Chairman of Daklak Provincial People’s Committee, Mr. Huynh Ngoc Duong – Deputy Diretor of Daklak Trade, Investment and Tourism Promotion Centre, Mr. Dinh Mot – Division Head of Operation under Daklak Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr. Le Hoang Co – Vice Chairman of Daklak Tourism Association. The groups had made discussion and exchanged ideas so as to orient and seek for better tourism solutions of Ban Me Thuat city in particular and Central Highland provinces in general which possess a lot of potentials and promisingly brings about exciting experiences for domestic and foreign visitors. 

Mrs. Mai Hoan – Vice Chairman of Daklak Provincial People’s Committee spoke at the opening of press conference

Mr. Huynh Ngoc Duong – Deputy Director of Trade, Investment and Tourism Promotion Center stated about the orientation of local tourism development  

From 4th to 6th of December, 2013, the working groups came to Da Lat Plateau, the city with plentiful names such as the Flower City, Foggy City, Love City, etc that keeps potential romatic beauty, impresses with historical features on every street, every foot-stop to be adopted into poems, music and esteem of numerous visitors. It is the year of 2013 that celebrates the event of Da Lat city being 120 years old since Doctor Yersin found and constructed. Da Lat in the past and now harmonize with each other by historic marks of times.. Here it is Da Lat Railway Station, Domain De Marie Church and hidden villas in immense pine forests, et cetera. It embodies the beauty of city in the forest and forest in the city, which draw special attention of visitors to find out its mystery and attractiveness then satisfy their curiousity as well as thinking of the unique romantic beauty here 

Moroever, the working groups also arranged a press conference with local authority and other local service providers (Love Valley, Bluer Moon Hotel, Da Lat Flower Forest Bio-technology Joint Stock Company, Hoang Anh Green Land Resort) with the view to discussing about expanding tourism development in Lam Dong province and spreading to the public.

Particularly, during the itinerary, each member participated in an environmental event named “Keep the Central Highland Forever Green” by planting a tree as a mesage to protect green and clean environment for a greener and nicer Da Lat in the eyes of visitors, especially on the context the Flower Festival has just coming very soon. Next, the groups visited such peaceful and wild destinations as Love Valley, Golden Valley, Ve Chai Temple, Cu Lan Village, etc.

With such goals and detailed itinerary, the tourism promotion program in Lam Dong and Daklak province would be a starting point for the National Tourism Year 2014 in Central Highland full of promising success. 

(Source: Communication Department, Vietravel)


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