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The “Making the World Cleaner” Campaign initiated by Australia since 1993 and launched globally by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has become an important annual international environmental event. The campaign, which has been held on the third week of September annually, has attracted participation of hundreds of millions of people and over 130 nations. Accordingly, Vietnam has actively responded to the campaign since 1994 up to now, and ministries, bodies, localities and people of different social strata in Vietnam have been enthusiastically responded to it as well. The campaign this year is titled as: “Our Place… Our Planet… Our Responsibility”.

  20/09/2013 10:25

Being a leading travel company in Vietnam with its branches and offices nationwide, apart from excellent business, Vietravel has also paid special attention to socially responsible activities. In 2013, Vietravel has launched the “For clean travel environment” program with a view to realizing the U.N Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – “Ensuring environmental sustainability”; honoring cultural consciousness of Vietnamese people  getting tours in terms of preservation and protection of environment and landscapes. Thereby, Vietravel in coordination with Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Youth Union in cities and provinces nationwide held launching ceremonies for environmental protection, sanitation, offering autolytic nylon bags to local people. Concurrently, for visitors getting tours, Vietravel encouraged them in keeping green and clean travel environment by specific activities as follows:
•    Vietravel offered autolytic nylon bags to visitors;
•    Encouraging visitors to dispose of waste in the right place and raise high sense of using environmentally-friendly autolytic bags;
•    Tourist guides encouraged visitors to collect waste in cars during their tours;

In addition, Vietravel also encouraged visitors getting tours to join other activities such as: planting trees, collecting waste at parks and on beaches, saving and protecting water resources, educational activities on raising the community’s awareness of environment in responding to the “The “Making the World Cleaner” Campaign.

Socially responsible travel is not a new concept but defined to be the throughout long term and consistent target in sustainable development that needs pioneers and Vietravel has been fulfilling its undertakings with the society actively and bringing about great social effects constituting a beacon for everyone to follow.

Vietravel has officially launched the “For a green and clean travel environment” program since 2013

  The program has been continuously launched in cities and provinces nationwide

The program has been actively supported by the community

Vietravel has continuously called for the sharing from the community and visitors

(Source: Communication Department)


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