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On July 20th 2013, Vietravel in coordination with the Labour Newspaper and Vietnam General Confederation of Labour launched the “Fishing-nets of love for fishermen in Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands” program which was one of events of the Year of socially responsible travel in 2013.

  22/07/2013 16:44

A part from the business target to achieve turnover of VND 3,000 billion in 2013, Vietravel also determined that the year 2013 was the year of socially and environmentally responsible travel. Of which, for socially responsible activities,  Vietravel always pioneered in launching many programs suchas: raising charitable fund for “Warm coats for children in need” program – warm coats were prepared by Vietravel staff and visitors to gift to the elderly and children in mountainous areas, imbued with sentimental attachment or “Life for Light” fund aimed at free ocular surgery for about 1,800 poor patients nationwide since 2010 up to now. Succeeding such activities, in summer 2013, in the North Vietnam, Vietravel in coordination with the Labour Newspaper and Vietnam General Confederation of Labour raised fund in suppor to the “Fishing-nets of love for fishermen in Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands” program. The program would be launched at all Vietravel branches in the North Vietnam ranging from Lao Cai, Hanoi to Hai Phong. The special characteristic of this program was that Vietravel not only encouraged its staff to join the program but also popularized to each visitor to join such significant humanity program.

Staff of Vietravel branch in Hanoi joined the program

Thereby, fund for the “Fishing-nets of love” program would be  raised by sending message, cost of each message would be VND 14,000. Clients booking for tours with Vietravel sending supportive message would not be charged for cost of message, but to be directly deducted from their tour costs. As such, for each tour booked with Vietravel, clients successfully made contribution to raising fund for the program and brought about opportunities for compatriot fishermen to have peace of mind and live with the sea. According to Ms, Ngoc, a client of Vietravel, as known about this program, said that: “ I am very emotional to think that such small amount of money would contribute to sharing difficulties and misfortune of fishermen and  helping them have peace of mind to hold on to the land, the sea. And when the program is launched, I will join”.

Staff of Vietravel branch in Lao Cai actively joined the program immediately after the program was launched

The program was launched at Vietravel branch in Hai Phong

Happiness on each face of poor fishermen was a great encouragement for staff of Vietravel to constantly work and continue contributing to the society because the business mission was in close connection with the responsibility to the community and better living environmental protection.

The program, as expected, would attract the participation of 4,000 – 5,000 clients in the North Vietnam and if successful, it would be launched nationwide. Vietravel hoped that, with such significant humanity program, all staff of Vietravel as well as staff of other companies and clients would further understand and sympathize with the life of poor fishermen fishing in the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands, and practically support and continue joining the next charitable and voluntary programs of Vietravel.

(Source: Communication Department, Vietravel)


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