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With a view to directing towards the elderly and the youth in Summer 2013, Vietravel in coordination with Vietnam Airlines offers special promotional package tours in two travel itineraries in the North and the Central Region in Vietnam, at the lowest price in the market but undertaken for high quality services, standard hotels 3 – 4* in satisfaction to demands on slow travel by most of the elderly.

  10/07/2013 16:59

Vietravel pays special attention to tours for the elderly

According to the statistics, at present, the number of clients at the age from 50 accounts for 35% of the total number of clients of Vietravel. And 87% of whom are familiar clients regularly registering for inbound and outbound tours of Vietravel from 2 to 3 times up. Most of elderly clients said that selection of travel company was carefully considered because they had much free time and travel was a positive way to relax mentally and improve their health. However, many of them were worried about their old age and slower movement compared to the youth leading to delay of the tour. Aware of such demands, Vietravel has timely selected suitable tours to launch and in practice brought about happiness to many clients.  

Many visitors after their tour with Vietravel have also selected to register for tour for their parents on demand. It is known that up to 50% of tours were booked for the elderly by their children and the remaining 50% of tours were booked by the elderly themselves. From oral communication by visitors, the “slow travel” tour category of Vietravel now has been well known, trusted and selected by many clients for its predominance and difference in sense of care by enthusiastic and experienced tourist guides who deeply understand psychologically and know how to arrange travel time in line with clients’ demands and health. Tour services are mostly at 3 or 4* standard, menu is diversified and suitable with visitors’ taste so that visitors will feel appetizing and maintain good health throughout the tour.

On this summer occasion, together with the diversity of hundreds of inbound and outbound tours, Vietravel in coordination with Vietnam Airlines has selected the two ‘hottest’ travel itineraries in the North and the Central Region in Vietnam for the elderly, concretely “Hanoi – Ninh Binh – Trang An – Ha Long Bay” Tour (4 days), price ranging from VND 5,188,000, departure on Wednesday and Thursday every week, and “Da Nang – Truoi Lake – Hue – Ba Na – Hoi An” Tour (4 days), price ranging from VND 3,888,000, departure on Monday and Tuesday every week. Such two tours have been at the lowest price ever before, with discount up to VND 3 or 4 million  while service quality remain unchanged, standard hotel 3 – 4*.

For the tour itinerary in the North, visitors have up to 6 hours to contemplate wonderful landscapes of Ha Long Bay in stead of 4 hours as arranged by other travel companies, contemplating Sung Sot Cave, viewing the Bay panorama from Ti Top Peak, pilgrimage to the sacred Bai Dinh Pagoda and discovering Trang An rivers and mountains are special impressions. During this tour, visitors also have opportunity to enjoy local specialities such as mountain-raised goat meat, La Vong grilled fish pie of Hanoi…and for the tour itinerary to discover the Central Region, a part from discovering the world heritages in Hoi An Ancient Town, Hue Imperial City…visitors also have opportunity to relax and bath in My Khe beach which is one of the world’s most wonderful beaches and contemplate romantic landscapes by the side of Truoi Lake, visit ancient Truc Lam Monastery…

Such two tour itineraries are set aside for visitors holding Vietnamese nationality at young age (from 16 to 22 years old) and the elderly (female at the age from 55 and male at the age from 60). They are also significant as gifts offered by parents to candidates after the university entrance exams and suitable for the elderly – who always need a comfortable trip with best services to relax, contemplate landscapes.

Attractive with the demand stimulus tour to discover the land of culture and extraordinary people

As one of new tours offered by Vietravel in coordination with Vietnam Airlines in the past June, the “traveling to the land of culture and extraordinary people – Quy Nhon – Ham Ho” tour is most attractive to visitors at present with a 3-day travel and two price options, respectively price ranging from VND 3,990,000/pax, 3* hotel, and price ranging from VND 4,190,000/pax, 3 – 4* hotel, periodically departing on Thursday each week, proper departure time is undertaken so that visitors will feel comfortable and take the initiative in their tour. This tour is designed with special destinations in the land of culture and extraordinary people such as the Altar for worshiping the Heaven and Earth built on An Son Mountain. Legend has it that An Son was the good layer of earth of the Tay Son dynasty and the place where the Heaven and Earth bestowed Command Sword and Seal to rise in arms, build up a powerful insurgent army and make significant contribution to the glorious history of Vietnam. Visitors also have opportunity to visit the former house foundation of the Emperor Quang Trung, currently referred to as Quang Trung Museum with hundreds of historical objects and materials which help visitors fully understand a historical period of common people in the heroic land of Binh Dinh, and sacred souls of the nation which fostered and generated talents in this land of culture and extraordinary people. Visitors will also have opportunity to directly watch Binh Dinh traditional martial arts at Phan Tho Martial Arts Club whose owner – martial arts master Phan Tho is one of masters having successfully trained thousands of practitioners and kept esoteric martial arts techniques of Binh Dinh martial arts.

A part from glorious historical impressions, there still exists a glamorous Quy Nhon waiting for you to discover. Ham Ho, a military base of Vo Van Dzung insurgent army in the Tay Son time and a military base of Mai Xuan Thuong insurgent army in Can Vuong movement. Situated in a green and cool mountainous region, Ham Ho looks like a colossal rockwork reflecting its shade on the peaceful Kut River. Queen Beach together with huge rocky eggs and blue water constitute special and glamorous beauty. Next is Thi Nhan Hill - the final resting place of poet Han Mac Tu and also a destination for those with romantic soul wallowing in the poetic mountainous air and flying cloud.


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