On 31/10/2013, Vietravel in cooperation with Tien Phong Newspaper, Singer Tung Duong and tourists of great generosity started the charity tour in Sing Lung commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. This is the tour in the charity tours to East-West North Region implemented by Vietravel Hanoi this winter.

  06/11/2013 11:28

Sinh Lung commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province is the place with many H’mong people and some Lao Co people who are living in very difficult situations.  Due to the area is large with mainly mountainous area, the traffic road is very difficult and schools are all very far and the farthest school is 15km away from the town center. “When witnessing children who are living in very difficult situations with only some old clothes in the cold winter etc. we are decided to do some practical and meaningful things for children here”, shared the representative of Vietravel.

Charity Team on the way to Sinh Lung commune 

West North Landscape is charming and beautiful to keep the tourists

Tam Giac Mach Flowers is blooming 

In 4 days (31/10 - 3/11/2013), Vietravel together with Singer Tung Duong, Tien Phong Newspaper came to Sing Lung Commune Secondary School, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province to directly participate in meaningful activities and offer many practical gifts to teachers and children here including: 04 bunk beds, 3 scholarships, 350 warm clothes, socks, 50 cotton blankets and hundreds of schoolbook sets and reference books and many other school things etc.; organize arts exchange performance with childresn with the participation of Singer Tung Duong. The team brings the warm of “Chiec Khan Phieu” to schools with hamlet people; asking and encouraging, and offering gifts to soldiers of Lung Cu Border Post etc. To implement this tour, besides launching the movement from its staffs, Vietravel Hanoi also received the supports and charity contributions from regular tourists of the company such as Education Publishing House, Ba Sao Foods and Drinks Services Company, Vietnam Future Company etc.

Vietravel offers the scholarships to children with good study results and good behaviors

The team is visiting and preparing many candies and cakes for children

Singer Tung Duong and other volunteers of the programs are offering gifts to children

Vietravel hopes that these practical charity activities shall not only help small children in central highlands – the future of the country to continue their study with sufficient facilities but also help their relatives and teachers reduce partially their difficulties in educating these children. As shared by the representative of Vietravel Hanoi with the charity team: “We will not only offer the warm clothes of love to teachers and children here, but we also give our sympathy, sharing and love. This is a deep memory in their childhood about the great action and about our moral code of “love others as love ourselves” which will be a luggage in the way to the future and encourage them to try the bests in their studies and train to become good people with good ethnics and talents to contribute to construct our country”. 

Arts exchange with Singer Tung Duong and other team members  


The team comes to visit and offer warm clothes to small children 

This will be a beautiful memory 

Vietravel shall implement many other more practical programs 

On the next 28/11 and 6/12/2013, Vietravel Hanoi will implement two charity tours to Cao Bang and Moc Chau. The tourists can register today to accompany and share with the people in Central Highlands or contribute for scholarships, warm clothes, books for children here. 

All contributions, please contact

1. Mr Huy Hoang – Sale FIT of Domestic Tours of Vietravel in Hanoi, 03 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Tel: 0947.339.797,or 043.933.1978 – Extension number: 150.

2. Ms Lan Huong – Sale FIT of Domestic Tours of Vietravel Vietravel in Hanoi, 03 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Tel : 01656.052.616, or 043.933.1978 – Extension number: 666.

3. Ms. Ha Anh – Marketing and Communication Department of Vietravel, Hanoi branch

Tel: 04 3933 1978 – Extension number: 335.


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