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Starting the 2013 Summer Tourist Season, for Japan tour, Vietravel in combination with Vietnam Airlines to launch super saving tour programs, thus, discounts up to VND 10 million at the peak Summer. In addition, there is also other selection for everyone who want to enjoy feeling to see boundless dark purple Lavandula angustifolia flower fields Furano, please to the itinerary of “Tokyo - Sapporo - Furano - Tokyo - Phu Si Mountain - Yokohama” (6 days) – one of “hottest” tour in this Summer.

  03/06/2013 13:50

Enjoying boundless dark purple Lavandula angustifolia flowers

With thick and regular departure frequency, averagely there are about 25 - 30 departure groups per month, standard hotels from 3 stars to 4 stars, currently Japan tour at Vietravel has been the best seller tour and become daily departure tour after two cherry blossom and Bauhinia blakeana (Fuji flowers) recent time. With the most high-quality service and competitive price supported by Vietnam Airlines and partners in Japan, Vietravel is sole affordable company to launch the super saving tour with VND 10 million off for the route “Tokyo - Phu Si mountain - Kyoto - Kobe - Osaka” (6 days), promotional prices only VND 35,990,000, daily departure and the route “Osaka - Kobe - Kyoto - Phu Si mountain - Tokyo” (6 days), promotional prices of VND 35,990,000, Departure: Daily.

Especially, in this Summer, Vietravel has launched attractive new tour for experience of the most perfective beauty of Japan under the route “Tokyo - Sapporo - Furano -Tokyo - Phu Si mountain - Yokohama” for 6 days with price level only VND 46,690,000, departure: 20/6, 13/7. You may discover many ancient and attractive destinations of the Land of Rising Sun Tokyo, Yokohama to Sapporo, Furano. You shall feel soft and sweet violet on cherry blossom fields in Furano region where you shall come in this typical travel.

Contemplating cherry blossom fields in Furano

From the end of June to September, dark purple cherry blossom fields in Furano blossom colorfully. Here is famous with poetic village beauty by quiet hill slopes and boundless cherry blossom fields, Furano is more colorful when the Summer comes. Coming here, you shall have feeling like stray into Provence village in the South France, with very romantic space. Large flower beds with submerged violet color, swaying in the wind containing field and grass fragrance and have become memorable symbol Furano of Hokkaido region. Please drop in Tomita farm- where you shall be deeper in your soul together with colorful cherry blossom flowers with spectacular Tokachi mountain range. Driving cars passing boundless colorful flower fields in Furano shall certainly retain tourists with unforgettable memories.

Sapporo and famous beer museum over 135 years

With targets to come places as symbols and enjoy famous local special products, therefore, coming to Sapporo in Hokkaido, you can’t but come Sapporo beer museum of Japan over 135 years. Sapporo beer is one of the longest beer trade marks in Japan, made since 1877. Until now, it has been sold widely in the country and in the world. Thanks to its famousness, Sapporo beer museum was established in Minh Tri period in place of building red brick production factory. The museum introduces the history of beer production branch in Japan and beer production process of Japan. Coming here, tourists may freely taste many delicious beer types. In addition, with a short travel from Sapporo there shall be Jozankei hot water spring. This is interesting rest place for tourists when coming to Hokkaido City.

Sapporo is also famous because here was held the 1972 Winter Olympics. Besides, there are a lot of attractive sightseeing sites in this itinerary for you such as Tokeidai Clock Tower, Hokkaido City Hall, Hokkaido University, Sapporo Station…  

Coming to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

This is one of typical expressed point of the program, you shall have occasions to discover modern Hakkeijima Sea Paradise entertainment area located on artificial islet with 24ha wide in the South Yokohama City. Here there are the largest water palace of Japan, entertainment parks, shopping shops and restaurants, hotels for tourists. You shall be surprised when being met at the entrance by sparkle gold-fishes, discover life of valuable and rare organism. Lively circus performance area of dolphins, white whales is a place unable to pass. Furthermore, the park has entertainment area with many games with enough strong impression to draw you to participate all day such as super speed gliding craft, sliding waterfall, Peter Pan legend garden, yacht on bay …

Europe Summer

Besides Japan, at the end of June to the middle of August, cherry blossom fields in France, UK at the same time wear dark purple cloaks. Fragrance spreads very aromatically and this is the time of harvest of local people. From Paris, you may get on train to Provence region to contemplate the most beautiful cherry blossom farms of the region. Ride on bikes surrounding cherry blossom fields on Summer days, you are not only enchanted by overshadowed dark purple color but also attracted by their fragrance. Relaxed pure fragrance may retain for a few months, as unforgettable memory on peace Provence land. In addition, you may drop in Surrey region, far from London Capital, UK few miles to enjoy attractive party of senses: contemplate beauty of colorful flowers, smell ardent fragrance and enjoy typical flavour of cuisines made of cherry blossom. Cherry blossom fields are planted mostly at Banstead town, and this is the time for harvest in Mayfield Organic Farm up to 25 acres wide. Here, dark purple spreads the space to create wonderful pictures, as the summer paradise of UK. Refer tour: France – Monaco - Spain - Portugal (12 days), Departure: 14/7, 21/8, Price: 95,990,000 VND/customer; UK - Wales (8 days), Departure: 9, 16/8, Price: 69,990,000 VND/customer.


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