New year by the sea and on the islands

Vietnam possesses a long coastline embracing hundreds of islands like beautiful gemstones sprinkled on pristine offshore waters. Every time the spring touches the gateway of the Eastern Sea, each island becomes a unique paradise inspiring endless emotions.

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Spring time on the “Emerald Island”

Phu Quoc, commonly dubbed “Emerald Island”, is gifted with heavenly beaches namely Bai Dai, Bai Sao, etc. Pristine waters and stretches of white sand in tranquil nature create a relaxing space to indulge in. In the cool monsoon of the year-end days, Phu Quoc puts on a quiet poetic appearance, very different to a Phu Quoc in the bright light of summer days. Or in spring comes when the sea is as quiet as a lake. The island is where people can see both sunrise and sunset on the sea. Before dawn, Phu Quoc wakes up with hundreds of lanterns lighting up the fisherman market in An Thoi. Duong Dong wharf is jammed with fishing boats laden with catches one after another dropping baskets on the shore. At the end of the day, the sun sheds the last rays of light on the island and slowly sinks to the horizon where the reddish sky meets the golden reflection of the ocean. Phu Quoc Island is just like a generous host. It treats visitors with immense sky, and delicious dishes from the sea which no one can resist.


Con Dao in Spring

Virgin nature of Con Dao is depicted as a girl with angel beauty. Every time the seasons turn, heaven and earth on the island puts on distinct emotion. From November to April, the northern monsoon of the dry season brings cool breeze and brews up cozy atmosphere for the New Year. Spring comes and mild wind instills more blueish tone into the sea water, and that is when the unspoiled beach in Dam Trau becomes even more beautiful. The tide goes down and reveals the magnificent stretch of white sand in Bai Nhat. Every morning, golden rays and silver lining clouds draw a splendid backdrop at the Cape of Sharks looking over Bay Canh Islet. 

As magnificent as it is, Con Dao boast the largest protected coral reef in South East Asia which is the heaven for divers with hundreds of sealife species living in the water of 15m visibility. The island is also a paradise for honeymooners and the Peak of Love is a wonderful vista for couples to conquer and celebrate their binding.

There was a time when Con Dao was submerged in the darkness and the pain of war and crime. Massive prisons were built during the French domination and the American War to suppress patriotic opposition. Thousands of patriotic activists were detained, tortured, forced to hard labor and executed in those prisons. Most visitors to Con Dao pay homage to the memorial and offer joss sticks to the spirits of fallen patriotic fighters. Some well know vestiges include Phu Hai Prison, Pier 914 where that number of prisoners lost their life during the construction of the pier, Hang Duong Cemetery with 2,000 graves. Other attractions include the shrines of Queen Phi Yen and Price Cai which have some history behind. Visit Con Dao, indulge in the sea and sand, and enjoy a wonderful hideaway.


Nha Trang, Beach Paradise 

One of the most beautiful marine bays in the world, Nha Trang Bay wraps within some scenic islands including Hon Mun, Hon Tam, Hon Lao, Hon Tre. Each of the names sits on the list of dream destinations for New Year season.

Hon Tam is possibly the most peaceful island in the bay with mild breeze and water, perfect for family holidays with active water sports like parasailing, jet ski, banana boat, surfing and hot air balloon.

Hon Mun is the most dramatic island with the name coming from the black cliffs to the South East of the island which forms some interesting caves. The protected marine park in Hon Mun is famous as a natural aquarium in South East Asia with 2,000 species of coral, 1,500 species of marine life. It is truly a natural treasure in South Pacific waters. Hon Lao is very entertaining with a population of more than 1,000 monkeys. Most significant in Nha Trang is Hon Tre, or Bamboo Island, which has been constructed as a luxury complex including a 5 star resort and world standard theme park. The resort stretches on an isolated beach 700 m in length with picturesque view over the ocean. It also boasts largest swimming pool in South East Asia with an area of 5,700 sqm. The adjacent Vinpearland is truly a fantasy land for children and a must-do destination for families.


New Year in Phan Thiet

Spring time in the coastal beach of Phan Thiet is colored with romantic tone. Sunrise and sunset over the immense ocean dunes have inspired generations of photographers. The dunes shift as the golden grains of sand fly about with the wind. Scattered around are the footprints of people with palm hat, bamboo pole and baskets walking fast over hot sand. From the top of Mt. Ta Cu, we can have a broad view of the coastal plain in Ham Thuan Nam with endless dragon fruit gardens and poetic purple color of banana flowers. 

Ca Na is one of the most beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam, dubbed as “sleeping beauty” as for the unspoiled nature in the vicinity. In the same province, Vinh Hy Bay is another gemstone with picturesque lagoon, colorful reefs and peaceful fisherman villages. A vestige of once flourishing Champa culture is the majestic Po Klong Giarai temple, a masterpiece of architecture of the 13th century, now still standing against the ravage of time.

Let’s celebrate the New Year by the blue sea in Phan Thiet. Spring journeys though warm coastal cities will bring you relaxing moments and memorable days. Make best use of you’re your spring this year. Hit the road and join Vietravel to every corner of the country.

Sample programs:


Phu Quoc – Blue Paradise - Vietjet Air (Super save) (3 days)

From: 4,090,000 VND. 

Con Dao – Ocean Paradise (3 days) 

3 star resort or equivalent

From: 5,890,000 VND.


Nha Trang - Wonder Park – Hon Tam - Vinpearl Land (return trip by air)  (3 days)

From:  5,790,000 VND.

Nha Trang –  Dai Lanh – Phu Yen (5 days) 

From: 3,290,000 VND (instead of 5,290,000 VND)

Nha Trang – Hon Tam – I Resort –  White Sand Doc Let- Vinpearl Land (4 days) 

From: 2,890,000 VND.

Nha Trang – Hon Mun – Diving Paradise – Vinpearl Land (4 days) 

From: 3,290,000 VND.

Phan Thiet (2 & 3 days) 

From: 1,490,000 VND.


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