To celebrate the 18th Anniversary (20 December 1995 – 20 December 2013), hundreds of Vietravel staff have participated in company’s activities. The event is not only a page mark in Vietravel history but also a typical example for a modern environment of business culture while, nevertheless, honoring the country’s traditional values.

  14/12/2013 10:22

Warm and cheerful in family atmosphere awaiting the 18th Anniversary, Vietravel organized a variety of playgrounds where the staff meet, participate in contests and perform their gifted ability. Theses events include “Vietravel Games 2013”, “Stage Performance Contest”, and a writing contest “Vietravel’ Pride – The Mirror Around Me” to honor employees who set good example about work morale.

On the 14 December 2013 at Phu Tho Stadium, HCM City, the opening ceremony of Vietravel Games 2013 took place with the presence of hundreds of Vietravel staff. The games started from the 9 and ends on the 18 December 2013. Vietravel’s athlets compete at 6 games including footsal, badminton, tennis, bowling, pingpong, and machine jogging. These sports are favored by many employees and have become their daily training schedule. The contests were scheduled at professional sport centers such as Phu Tho Stadium, Saigon Superbowl, Phan Dinh Phung Sport Club and Vietravel’s own modern gymnasium. The purpose of the games is to create healthy playgrounds for recreation and improvement of personal relationship within the company.

Some images at Vietravel Games 2013:

Vietravel Games is an annual activity to provide healthy activity for the staff.

The Organizers presented flower and trophies to representatives of the games.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Ngoc, Deputy General Director in his opening speech.

Representative of the athlets saying the pledge.

Representative of the referees saying the pledge.

Many tournaments took place right after the opening ceremony.

Men footbal.

Women footsal

Table tennis


Machine walking at Vietravel’s gymnasium

Bright smiles

Fair play spirit.

Unforgetable moments for all staff members.

Success to the games.

Earlier, on the 13 December 2013 the Stage Performance Contest took place at the company head office with more than 40 acts elaborately put up and practiced by many teams and departments.

To bring in a special element, Vietravel organized the writing contest named “Vietravel’s Pride – The Mirrors Around Me” in order to honor individuals and teams who significantly contributed to the development of the company. The writings from many angles have revealed countless examples of quiet contribution of many people. In despite of the differences in postions, departments, tasks, etc., they all looked to the same direction and together put their hand in for a same cause. The writing contest also manifested the determination of each and every employee in sharing the long term vision of the company which is the responsibility towards the enviroment and the community.

Although as amateur as it is, the contest drew a great deal of attention and encouragement from the staff with more than 400 contest articles submitted. The people featured in these pieces of writing are those who quietly give a hand to the steady development of Vietravel’s culture, raising the Company to the height of a flagship in Vietnam’s tourism industry, to the position of a pioneer conquering the world.

Congrats to Vietravel for the 18th Anniversary.

Source: PR Department


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