Nguom Ngao, an astonishing cave with stalactites of various shapes, is considered the most famous limestone grotto in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang due to its unique size and shape.

  14/01/2013 16:46

Vietravel Company is cooperating with Vietnam Airlines to offer a fantastic tour to the northeast of the country with the highlight the trip to the cave, ensuring tourists will be captivated by its wild beauty.

Nguom Ngao Cave is in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District and is 90 kilometers from Cao Bang Town and 3 kilometers from Ban Gioc Waterfall. The cave is in a limestone mountain range and has most parts underground and some parts under water.

On the way to the cave, the tour guide said: “I’m not exaggerating; Nguom Ngao is a really amazing cave, huge and attractive with various shaped stalactites.”

Tourists visit Nguom Ngao Cave in Cao Bang Province

He added some basic information for instance that the name Nguom Ngao means “tiger’s cave” in the language of the local Tay ethnic minority. It is said that a long time ago, many fierce tigers sheltered in the cave and would enter the nearby village to hunt for livestock and even humans.We were keen but did not totally trust him as we all had visited Thien Duong Cave in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and thought this one was the best. However, he was telling the truth as the amazing cave appeared before our eyes

The Royal Exploration Team from Britain who inspected the cave in 1995, found the grotto to be 2,144 meters long, reaching heights of up to 60 meters. However, tourists just can visit about 800 meters.

Entering the cave, we freely enjoyed the fresh, cool air from the natural mist inside and started to explore stone formations shaped like humans, trees, plants and mythical animals with our imaginations running wild at this point.

Tourists in Nguom Ngao Cave - Photos: My Tran

We were stepping into a miraculous world formed due to weathered limestone mountains battered by wind, rain and water over the ages and from high stone cliffs, hanging wonderful, sparkling, colorful stalactites. One thing we will never forget was that along the way were stalactites shaped-like boats, cactus, forests, terraced rice fields - a symbol of mountainous region of Vietnam - and poles and valleys that are said to create a link between the earth and the heaven and a loving tie between men and women.

Stalactites seem to grow from the soil, or hang down, vertical or horizontal with small and large figures piled and fixed in a hustle indulging visitors.

One funny memory is that all of us touched the stones called the God of wealth in the hope of being rich in the future. A newly-married girl touched another stone that looks like a pregnant lady to pray for having kids in the new year. On the way, we still had fun to click on two works in the cave that the tour guide called ‘dan da’ (stone musical instrument) to enjoy the melodies and the echo in the cave.

After an hour in the cave, we came back to the hotel with much joy and happiness.

The tour organized by Vietravel and Vietnam Airlines includes many famous destinations in the northeast region such as Dong Van Plateau, Meo Vac District and Lung Cu Flagpole in Ha Giang Province, Ban Gioc Waterfalls, Pac Po Tourist Area in Cao Bang Province and Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan Province.

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