What is the best time to visit Laos

The best time to take Laos vacations is very much related to the weather in Laos as for the rest of Indochinese peninsula. The Lao People's Democratic Republic is generally separated into two areas with two different weather systems.

  27/10/2017 15:45
The Southern part of the country, South of the capital of Vientiane is always relatively warm and has a dry season from November to February.

The Months of March and April are very warm and humid in the South and followed from May to October by increasingly intense rains, that cause floods during the months of September and October in Southern Laos.

The North also knows a dry season and a rainy season, but much more intense in terms of temperatures and rain levels. The dry season lasts from October to end of March and the temperatures are pleasant in October, November, February and March in North Laos, but very low temperatures in December and January.
If you are planning to visit the cities of Pakse, or the four thousand islands and the Southern part of Laos, it is recommended to travel from November to February. It also corresponds to a pleasant season in the North where you can visit the wonderful city of Luang Prabang and the waterfalls of Kuang Si. This period, from November to February is considered the best time to travel to Laos and especially the months of November and February to maximize your chances to have a nice wether and comfortable temperatures during your whole trip in Laos if you are crossing the country.
If you are focusing on the North, or doing a combination trip with Vietnam and/or Cambodia, it is highly recommended that you travel between October and March, since it corresponds to the dry season in South Vietnam, the fall and winter in North Vietnam (high season for Vietnam) and the dry season for Cambodia as well. With a little luck, you can have a pleasant weather during your whole trip!
It is worth noting that from March to May, farmers burn the fields after the crops in northern Laos, which creates a fog over some regions including Luang Prabang.
Also, it is not a bad idea to travel to Laos during the beginning of the rain season as it is not raining all day and not everyday, so you can still have a nice weather, the prices of hotels, excursions and attractions are generally lower, and also, because the level of water of the rivers is high enough to allow boats to cruise, which is not always the case during the high season (dry season), so you need to contact a travel expert on Laos in order to best plan your trip!
The country also has an interesting event that you might want to add to your agenda: the Songkran. This festival, common to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar is the New Year celebration in Laos and a true, amazing experience. Indeed, while new year celebrations in western countries consist in fireworks and presidential announcements, Laos takes it to another level with an intense party and water fight brought to every single street of the main cities as a symbol for luck.

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