Benefits from investment for overseas settlement

Currently, many Vietnamese people or businesspeople with good financial access have sought investment opportunities in foreign countries. They are aiming to become global citizens. This form of investment brings not only an attractive and sustainable source of profit for their families but also a better future for their children. They wish their children to be trained and develop comprehensively in advanced countries. And their families can live in a healthy environment with perfect health and social security regimes.

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So what form of investment for overseas settlement is the trend, ensuring safety and surety for investors? The answer is an investment in real estate. First, once you own land in the country where you want to settle down, it will greatly assist in proving your finance during application for a visa. Second, if you rent out houses or real estate, you will have the advantage of applying for a visa under the investment category. Moreover, not only you but also your whole family can become permanent residents with the same benefits in health, education, etc. as natives. Third, the real estate market is always balanced and constantly growing in developed countries.

Currently, most people choose to invest in large countries whose economies are developed and ranked at the top of the world such as the US, New Zealand, Canada, and Portugal.
So what outstanding benefits do these countries have to attract investors?


The "American Dream" has always been an aspiration for many people because of modernity and luxury. In the US, visas are very diverse. They are corresponding to many professions (artists, doctors, employees...), and many immigration categories (for temporary employees, exchanging guests...).

In particular, the EB-5 visa is the most suitable for Vietnamese people who desire to invest and settle here. This program allows foreign businesspeople to invest in an American business or a government project calling for investment. In return, they can become permanent residents of the United States. 

For investment in these projects, investors need a minimum of 500,000 USD (approximately 12 billion VND). Besides, they must verify the legal source of money. However, the application for an EB-5 visa requires a lot of time due to the process of document verification. Therefore, investors should decide early and prepare in advance if they intend to settle in the US.

When investing in this category, investors and their family members will have the right to live, study and work anywhere in the United States. And their children can enjoy free advanced education from primary to high school. They will also be given priority for admission to top universities with lower tuition fees than international students. And after 5 years, investors can apply for naturalization and enjoy full protection under the US Constitution.


New Zealand is well-known for its picturesque scenery. It is also ranked highly in the world in many aspects such as quality of life, health, education, civil liberties, and economic freedom. For such conveniences, this country is always on top among the most livable countries in the world. It is also trusted for investment by many Vietnamese people. 

Due to the above-mentioned advantages, investors need to meet a lot of requirements when they want to settle here. Specifically, they must invest from 2.5 million NZD (approximately 37 billion VND) in a qualified project. They must also have a legal income of at least 3 million NZD (approximately 45 billion VND). Additionally, they must stay in New Zealand for a minimum of 438 days in 4 years. There are other requirements for age, IELTS level, and other conditions as prescribed by Immigration New Zealand.

It does not take too long, only 1-2 months to complete the immigration procedure. This is suitable for families who are familiar with New Zealand and wish to settle here quickly.

Like in the US, when investing here, investors enjoy the same benefits as New Zealand citizens. They will have the right to live and work anywhere within New Zealand. Their children can enjoy educational benefits such as free education from primary to high school at public schools and preferential university tuition.


​Not only strong in the economy, Portugal is also famous for its numerous scenic spots. It is also rich in historical and cultural values. Besides, Portugal has the most reasonable standard of living in the European Union (EU).
For investment in Portugal, investors have two options: investing 500,000 EUR (approximately 13 billion VND) in real estate, or funding from 300,000 EUR (approximately 8 billion VND). Besides, it is necessary to have a clear criminal record and not be refused entry to the EU. In addition, investors should note that real estate, it must not be sold within 5 years. And for the fund, it may only be taken out after 5 years. Furthermore, full payment of health insurance is required.
In Portugal, many real estate investors choose to invest in apartments of 1-3 rooms, or condominiums and villas to suit individual needs. Application processing time is relatively fast. It takes only from 6 months to complete the real estate investment.
When settling in Portugal, investors can enjoy full benefits as European citizens including advanced education. Children can study for free at public schools and pay lower tuition fees at university than international students. Moreover, investors are entitled to lifelong European citizen welfares. In addition, it is also possible to travel within EU countries without having to apply for a visa.
Vietravel has a system of multinational offices, especially in the countries that attract leading investment in real estate and for settlement. Some offices are located in the Vietnamese Bolsa neighborhood (USA), or in Sydney and Melbourne (Australia). In Europe, Vietravel also has an office in Paris. Vietravel is proud to have a strong team of Vietnamese consultants. They not only have the experience of living and working like a local but also the knowledge of the localities. Hence, Vietravel can provide meticulous consultancy according to your needs and investment abilities.

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