Where to see the most spectacular Cherry blossoms in this Spring

Spring is here, and so is the countdown to one of the most beautiful blooms of the year: Cherry blossoms! Here are the best places to catch festivals and flowers all around the world.

  10/01/2020 16:15


Taiwan is home to some of the most spectacular cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom festivities in Taiwan attract about 50,000 tourists every year. The season starts in January and ends in April, spread all over the country.

Place to see: Wulai, Wuji Tianyuan Temple, Yangmingshan, Alishan Scenic Area/Railway.


There’s nothing quite like sakura season in Japan. It moves slowly northwards from Okinawa in the south of Japan to Hokkaido in the chilly north and varies by year according to the weather conditions. Generally speaking, the safest time to plan a visit to see the cherry blossom at its best is in early April.

Place to see: Mount Yoshino, Himeji Castle, Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko, Nakameguro, Hirosaki Castle Park.

South Korea

If you’re looking for a memorable spring holiday, why not head to ​South Korea to see the country erupt in gorgeous cherry blossom? As the frigid Korean winter draws to a close towards the end of March, warmer weather in the country’s south sees the first cherry blossoms of spring bloom majestically in Jeju Island. As the warmth moves north, the blooms spread from Busan up towards Seoul and Incheon. Generally speaking, the safest bet to guarantee good cherry blossom viewing is to be in ​South Korea in late March and early April.

Place to see: Jinhae, Gyeongju, Jeju Island, Nami Island, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, Busan.


If you’re in Paris, France while the cherry trees are blooming (early March – late April), you're so lucky! The bloom of cherry blossoms in Paris adds a splash of colour across many of the parks and gardens. We suggest you go for a treasure hunt! 

Place to see: The Eiffel Tower, Shakespeare & Company Bookstore, the Notre Dame, Square Gabriel Pierné, Jardin Des Plantes.

The United States

There are numerous concentrations of cherry trees in the USA that produce beautiful blossoms in early spring. With so many amazing locations to see cherry blossoms in the USA, we’ve highlighted some of the best displays across the country to help you plan a trip to see the blossoms (earlier in March - early May), welcome in spring and celebrate Japanese history and culture!

Place to see: Washington D.C., Boston, Massachusetts, New York City, Seattle, Nashville, Tennessee.

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