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Visit These Must-See Destinations In Germany On Your Next Holiday

The largest country in Central Europe, and one of the most influential European nations, Germany is a cultural haven full of awe-inspiring scenery, beautiful big cities, fairy-tale-like countrysides, charming old towns, historical pleasures, gastro delights, and friendly people you can’t help but love.

  11/05/2018 16:25
If you’re looking for ideas for your next holiday, travel to Germany! You won’t regret it. Here is a handpicked selection of destinations you have to see when you’re there.


Berlin provides a heady mix of vibrant culture and glamour with tangible history stirred in. While Berlin’s textured history is physically present at every turn, you also get a sense of the big multicultural metropolis that it is. Berlin is considered an ideal place for the history lover, and is also a party paradise. To many, it is also seen as a cultural trendsetter.

Must-See Sights In Berlin

For History — Visit the historical Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial, and the Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, an outdoor memorial that integrates an original section of the Berlin Wall.

For Culture — Explore the Museumsinsel or the Museum Island, with 6,000 years’ worth of artefacts from all over Europe, and even beyond, and don’t forget to spot spectacular street art, especially the Astronaut Mural.


Known to locals as Köln, this city is a gothic masterpiece with endless attractions and riverside cafes, led by its towering cathedral that can be seen in the skyline from any part of the city. Cologne is like a living museum on history and architecture, with medieval churches, ancient Roman walls, and avant-garde buildings on the Rhine.

Must-See Sights In Cologne

For History — You can’t miss out on the Kölner Dom, the cathedral that withstood the madness that was the World War II, the Römisch-Germanisches Museum which hosts a great variety of Roman sculptures and ruins,  and the unmissable Schokoladenmuseum, a temple dedicated to the art of chocolate-making (you read that right!).

For Culture — No trip to Cologne would be complete without getting a relaxed meal by the river Rhine, and tying a love lock on the Hohenzollern Bridge. For the more adventurous, go on a bike tour of the Old Town, and spend an evening at the Schauspielhaus, the official theatre of Cologne.


Germany’s second largest city has the historic label of ‘the gateway to the world’ and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hamburg is brimming with maritime spirit and influences the architecture, the vibe, and definitely the cuisine.

Must-See Sights In Hamburg

For History — Discover the Kiekeberg Freilichtmuseum which is a living history museum where you can experience rural life as it was from the 1600s to 1950. Visit the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte, the largest municipal history museum in Germany. See the full-operational submarine in Hamburg’s harbour. You can’t leave Hamburg without visiting the impressive Rathaus, of Hamburg’s City Hall.

For Culture — Visit the Minatur Wunderland, a favourite among children and adult. It boasts of the world’s largest model railway, which includes functioning replicas of the Hamburg airport, Las Vegas casinos and even Rome’s Colosseum. To relax, explore the Planten un Blomen green belt that stretches from the city centre, all the way to the harbour. On a Sunday morning, visit the Hamburger Fischmarkt on the Elbe river.

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