The 8 most romantic beaches in Australia

Australia’s long golden stretches of sand and enviable surfing conditions attract sun-seekers from all over the world.

  16/08/2018 15:38
The beauty of these beaches also make them perfect for a romantic getaway, which is why we’ve collected the most romantic beaches in Australia.

North Narrabeen Beach in Sydney, New South Wales

The sands of North Narrabeen Beach are a peachy ochre tone that presents a striking contrast to the seemingly endless blue skies. Lining the north shore of the Narrabeen Lagoon, this peaceful beach is bordered by forest and campsites, although couples looking for a slightly more luxurious experience can check into the Quality Hotel Narrabeen Sands, less than a 2-minute walk away.

Blueys Beach in New South Wales

More rocky and rugged than soft and sandy, Bluesy Beach, with its steep grassy cliffs, stands out among Australian beaches. Still, incredibly beautiful, couples who prefer hiking and surfing are particularly fond of this understated beauty spot. If you plan to sun and surf, check into Moby’s Beachside Retreat, located between Blueys Beach and the nearby Boomerang Beach.

Scarborough Beach in Perth, Western Australia

Perth’s Scarborough Beach is a prime spot for surfing but its white sands make it ia popular spot for romance too, with many couples opting for a longer visit in order to make the most of the surrounding beach town. The self-catered apartments at Ramada VetroBlu Scarborough Beach will place you at the centre of the town’s nightlife and only a few minutes walk from the beach.

Forresters Beach near Bateau Bay, New South Wales

Nature-loving couples can’t get enough of Bateau Bay, a coastal town with extensive opportunities for marine and wildlife watching. Located close to the Wyrrabalong National Park, couples staying in Bateau Bay often choose to hike through the park, before emerging to cliff top views over Forresters Beach. On the way, you can spot bandicoots and tawny frogmouths, followed by a sunset evening meal overlooking the ocean. When you're done, Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is right nearby, and only 11 minutes walk from the beach.

Warilla Beach in Shellharbour, New South Wales

Warilla Beach is over 2km of pale sand, stretching from Windang Island to Barrack Point and is set up for every kind of activity– from bodyboarding to hiking along the picturesque coastline, or covering each other in sunscreen and snoozing through the afternoon. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, Pelicans Rest has a private ocean-fed pool and is only 5-minutes walk from the beach.

Avoca Beach in New South Wales

Avoca Beach is the name of a sandy beach town on the Tasman Sea, located between the saline lagoon known as Avoca Lake and the peaceful Saltwater Creek. Rockwall Avoca Beach is a popular stay for couples – its hillside apartments offer alluring sea views and are only a short walk from the beach.

Peregian Beach in Queensland

The archetypal Australian seaside town, Peregian Beach is located on the Sunshine Coast and plays host to roster of community events, including live music and market fairs. Couples interested in living like a local for a few days can check into The Retreat Beach Houses, for sea views, direct access to the beach and a short walk into the town.

Stockton Beach near Anna Bay, New South Wales

Stockton Beach isn’t only a gorgeous stretch of coastline, it’s also a great place to explore more of Australia’s 20th century history. During World War II, anti-tank traps were buried along the beach and today these gigantic stone spikes can be found throughout Anna Bay. Other interesting sights around Stockton Beach include humpback whales and an offshore great white shark nursery. Stay just seven minutes walk from the beach at Birubi Beach Holiday Park.

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