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The 8 best trees for Autumn Colour

There’s something truly spectacular about trees in autumn when their foliage produces magical hues of reds, oranges and yellows.

  08/08/2019 13:31
Some trees will be bolder in colour than others during the autumn months, so if you’re looking for trees that will provide some beautiful colour, there are some tree varieties you may be more inclined to choose for your own garden. For stunning trees and beautiful foliage this autumn, be sure to choose some of these tree types.

1. Claret Ash

This tall tree variety grows to approximately 12 metres in height and has glassy green leaves that turn a brilliant deep purple during the autumn months. Between Sydney and Perth, these trees grow rather well, especially throughout cooler areas and mountainous regions. Suitable for larger gardens, the Claret Ash has been a popular landscape tree in Australia for some time.

2. Maple

One of the most popular choices when thinking of trees full of colour in the autumn is the maple tree. A small tree from Japan, it grows at a slow rate to approximately five metres in height. The leaves of this tree will darken as they mature, turning a deep crimson red through the autumn months. These trees grow well in many areas around Australia, but they are best in southern, mountainous zones and Tasmania.

3. Ginkgo

In the cool elevated areas of Perth, mountain areas, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide and Melbourne is where Ginkgos grow at their best. Their 2-lobed leaves turn buttercup yellow in autumn before falling, and this long-living tree grows up to 25m in height. Ginkgos are stunning specimen tree for large parks and gardens, especially due to their spectacular autumn foliage.

4. Chinese Tallow Tree

For the warmer areas of Australia, the Chinese Tallow Tree is one of the better options. Growing between eight and ten metres, autumn sees the leaves of this tree turn crimson, yellow, orange and even ruby-red. The Chinese Tallow was originally introduced to Australia as an ornamental tree due to its beautiful coloured foliage, however it has since become an environmental weed of native vegetation areas.

5. Hawthorn

For deep red foliage along the coastal regions of northern New South Wales, the Hawthorn is a wonderful shrub that can grow up to 8 metres in height. Prickly with simple white flowers in spring, the red leaves of autumn are a beautiful sight to be seen. Occasionally, there can be red fruit that persist after the tree loses its leaves. The Hawthorn does best in full sun with deep loam soil.

6. Chinese Pistachio

This fast-growing tree is a drought-tolerant breed that is common along the northern coast of New South Wales. The leaves will vary in colour in autumn from bright orange to yellow and scarlet. The Chinese Pistachio provides great shade and grows particularly well in full sun conditions.

7. Crabapple

Traditionally grown to improve apple pollination, the Crabapple has lovely white spring flowers and edible fruits. The decorative mini-apples are a nice addition, but their autumn foliage is a gorgeous golden colour. Inland along the Great Dividing Range and moving north to Queensland’s Darling Downs, this tree is a wonderful addition to many gardens.

8. Tupelo

For a tree that has some striking contrasting colours, the Tupelo variety is a great choice. Dark stems and branches look amazing against the foliage of yellow, crimson, red and bright orange leaves. This tree grows well in cool elevated areas, mountain regions, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney.

Source Jason Jay Fletcher - Treescience

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