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Peaceful “Be” island

Your busy life always keeps you in the endless cycle sometimes that makes us want to get a break. That would be not a bad idea if we can go to any place that could make you feel more comfortable, where people and the nature and combining to one definition. And Be Island (Ly Son) is one of the place that we should not miss!

  05/10/2017 15:41

A green island

Ly Son Island District (Quang Ngai province) includes 3 small islands: Lon island, Be island, and Mu Cu island, Located in the northern of Ly Son Island District, about 3,5 sea miles, Be island is 0,69km2, with the population of 500 people, with over 100 families with their traditional jobs are fishing and planting garlics and spring onion bulbs. In order to get to Be Island – An Binh Island Commune, you can travel by the local boats from Lon Island. Getting on the boats, under the blue sky, and you can physically feel the cool water underneath and the wind touching your hair, all the unhappiness will be left behind, leave you with an empty mind and soul between the beauty of this island.

Comparing to the other islands, there is no beautiful beaches in Be island, as well and the sunny white sand. There are only a few small beaches are surrounded with some rocky clusters, with 12-20m length. The sunny day makes the water get cleaner, just slowly diving underneath the water, you can easily see many groups of fish, or many kinds of corals with many different shapes and colors.

Laying down on the beach, you can physically feel the cool water coming by the waves, regardless the sunny day. Do not be surprised when your skin will be tanned as “chocolate” after the trip, just be grateful to this island for coloring up your skin. And also do not skip to taste the typical seafood of this island, and bring home some local products which are widely well-known as: garlic, spring onion bulb.

And a peaceful life

The name of this island also affects to the local life of people are living here with the wild nature. Walking on the local streets, you can easily experience the life style of local people. Women are responsible for all the housework, or planting garlic and onion; they also pick and choose the best snails to prepare for the meals in their free times. With the men, they are in charge for going fishing and doing all the main duties in the family as well as transporting and trading products at the harbor.

Even there are not high buildings with modern designs in this island, but the simple and homely houses are located beside each other could bring you the peacefulness whenever you could visualize how they are living and taking care of their families. They are also getting foods by planting and making their own products, but they have never complained about the difficulties, and satisfy with what they have even though there are so many things that they need to overcome to get their lives better.
Many young people also visit Be Island to visually see the mural village – a meaningful work of the cooperation of Conservation International Association and the local volunteering members of Ly Son Sea sanctuary. With the topic: “I love sea and island/Born to live wildly”, all the wall paintings represent for the dream of local people to contribute Be island to become one of the most popular destination for travelers, to strongly  inspire the message of lowering catching aquatic products, and protect the sea environment.

Even visiting this island only once, but you would definitely not forget the wild beauty of this place, as well as the peaceful life of local people. The friendliness of local people is one of the main reason that makes you could not want to leave…

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