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How to pack for a trip?

You are eager to prepare for your upcoming trips in autumn and winter? A long list of things you want to pack? But there are some items you really don’t need. Here the list of things not to pack.

  04/10/2017 16:02
High heels
This women’s favourite thing is not the best choice when you have to walk a lot or join in outdoor activities. Bring the most two pairs of shoes, sport shoes and sandals for conveniently moving.

Too much clothes
Don’t bring fashionable clothes, which are partly made of nylon (not absorbing your sweat) that make you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, don’t choose light and bright-colored clothes as they easily worn out and get dirty. Bring the most two pairs of jeans (because jeans occupy big space in your luggage) and clothes made of wrinkle-free cotton. 

Jewelry and valuables
Don’t bring jewelry and valuables as they are easily stolen and even make you uncomfortable to move and enjoy your trip. If they are lost on your way, your trip will be ruined.

Too much food
Traveling is a chance to enjoy local cuisine, so leave your favorite food at home. Only bring snacks, water to temporarily prevent the hunger. Don’t bring food that smells uncomfortable on your way or to a destination.

Dangerous items
Don’t bring scissors, weed killer, baseball bat, firecracker, cutlery, etc. They can cause the risk to you and other people. Please check items prohibited from planes to avoid trouble.
Even the lightest books can make heavy luggage. So, you should bring only a book and change it with your companions when you finished reading. Anyway, E-book is always the best choice.

Hair tools
When traveling, it is hard to take care of your hair like at home, so just bring small shampoo packs. Moreover, most hotels have hairdyers in every room, you don’t need to carry it.

Leave your towels at home as all hotels provide them. If you go to the beach, prepare microfiber towels (they are super absorbent). Some of towels have clamps to attach to the bag that they will dry while you are moving.

Camera gadgets
Keep tripod accessories, lenses, flash and some other camera gadgets at home because they are very bulky, unless you are a professional photographer. Instead, take advantage of camera effects of your phone. A beautiful photo on social network does not matter as you enjoy the full trip.
Many people want to do exercise while traveling, but in fact they just sit by the pool playing with their family. So… think carefully if you want to bring your running shoes, sport equipment as this is a precious relaxing time with your loved ones, don’t waste it.

Technology devices
Stay away from technology devices when traveling. Laptop, iPad and some other devices should be kept at home. Take what you really need to keep the bags lighter as well as relax your mind.

Items should not be put into checked baggage when traveling by airplane
+ Nail polish
+ Identity document (passport, driver’s license, ID card, etc.)
+ Important documents (contracts, job information, banking information)
+ Cash, credit cards and jewelry.
+ Electronic devices (laptops, phones and chargers)
+ Camera
+ Medicine and medical equipment
+ Fragile items
+ House keys and car keys


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