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Free & Easy - new travel trend

Free & Easy is the new travel trend attracting a lot of Vietnamese travelers as they have freedom to set the schedule and choose destinations for their own trip. Let’s know some unexpected advantages of this hot travel trend.

  05/10/2017 17:00

What is Free & Easy?

This is the combination of air services and ground services to offer tourists the most convenient product with reasonable price. Free & Easy tour includes air ticket, accommodation and airport transfers.
It targets experienced travelers who are venturous, tourists who want to combine traveling with medical treatment, visiting relatives or business travelers. Moreover, it is very suitable for newlyweds, who want to enjoy private honeymoon.
It also is good for families with children and the elderly. Transportation, accommodation and free itineraries will give more rest time for all the members.


Cost and time will be saved maximum when customers book Free & Easy tours at reputable travel agencies that airfare, hotel rates will be more reliable. Airport transfers will be offered to help you move from the airport to the hotel, you don’t need to worry about transportation in a new city.
You can wake up late and start a new day to visit anywhere you want without keeping up with the itinerary like the package tours. Your family can arrange appropriate time and schedule. Members will fully enjoy the attractions and the local foods of  their arrival.
Free breakfast is available in hotels from 3 stars above, as room rates are inclusive of breakfast. So, there is no need to spend a lot of time researching, comparing attractions like package tours, just select the airline and the hotel you want.


Free & Easy tours usually last about 3 days - 2 nights. If you go abroad, you need to be good at foreign languages and well-experienced in traveling as well as having knowledge about the destinations because of no tour guides to support you. For those who go abroad for the first time, package tours is better to ensure your safety.
Carefully get information on the internet (both English and Vietnamese version) before deciding to book air tickets, hotels or pack your bags. The purpose of the trip should be determined (learing new culture, enjoying cuisine, visiting landscape, for work, etc.?) to design the itinerary accordingly. Tour prices change constantly depending on air tickets and hotel rates so you have to book them as soon as possible, it will be cheaper.

Where to bool Free & Easy tour?

• Vietravel - 190 Pasteur street, ward 6, district 3, Ho Chi Minh city
Tel: (028) 3822 8898
Website: www.travel.com.vn
• Worltrans - 153 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, ward 6, district 3, Ho Chi Minh city
Tel: (028) 38 22 77 55 

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