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Admire Halong bay from a cruise

Getting away from the city, leaving your busy life at home, let’s explore Halong bay on a cruise ship to view and enjoy the natural masterpiece. Are you ready?

  05/10/2017 17:28

From the cruise…

We started our journey by an early flight to Ha Noi then moving to Halong bay by transfer service of cruise ship. My first impression of the trip was the luxury limousine with good utilities inside such as television, wifi… After arriving at Tuan Chau harbor, we moved to cruise ship by a motor boat. Having gotten on the ship, we are warmly welcomed by professional and friendly staff.

Admiring Halong bay on cruise ship is one of the interesting ways. There are some types of ship with the four-star to five-star quality. The service has received the support of many Vietnamese and international tourists because of reasonable cost.

The cruise ships are designed in traditional style mixed with modern Western style. The main colors are white and brown, which highlight the ship in the majestic background of Halong. All the ships look luxury from the interior to utility that are strictly selected. There are various types of large and small rooms, all equiped with air condition, refrigerator, bed, wardrobe, safety box, bathroom with water heater, etc. Each room has balcony with the view of the bay. Besides, the quality of staff, bars, massage services, buffets and so on are the best standards, which give us wonederful experience.

When I checked in and saw around the ship, it was late afternoon so I lied down on a couch at the deck, drank cocktail and read book, waiting for the sunset. Worries, anxiety of work and life seems to be expelled in front of the superb view.

There are some activities on the cruise such as Tai Chi class in early morning, cooking classes of famous chefs, fishing squid in the evening, which make the trip more interesting. We excitedly chose the squid fishing activity. After fishing, we grilled squids and ate them with sauce made of chilli and salt. Ending a day with some activities, we went back to our room and promised to each other to watch the dawn on this ship in the next morning.

…to explore the natural wonder

When the sun begins to appear from the horizon, you will see the transformation of environment, a strange beauty. The spectacle is like a lively watercolor painting that made me amazed and speechless.

Slowly going through the rock islands, the ship will take you to the fairy world with miracle scenery. Each rock has its own particular shape emerging from the sea. In the tour, you will explore caves, small islets with many unique shapes such as Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Co cave, Ba Trai Dao beach (Three Peaches beach), Ga Choi islet, Dinh Huong islet. In the middle of the wild scene with blue everywhere, you can see the magical beauty that nature has given to Halong bay.

Choosing a kayak, listening to the instruction and being well-eqquiped, we started our journey to explore the caves. The deeper into the caves, the more I was amazed and passionated by the scenery in front of me. The islets and caves looked so mysterious when the light shined on them. Each angle gave us different visual experiences.

Then, we went to Vung Vieng, a famous fishing village to join in the daily life of local people. The scenery of the fishing village was so simple with some rafts slowly appearing. Like the villagers, we went netting fish, sailing the boat with them. Breathing the fresh air, joining in the life of the fishermen, I felt everything as real but as dreaming.
The journey of exploring Halong by cruise ship ended, I have come back to my real life with a lot of memories. I hope that Halong bay would keep its wild and idyllic beauty forever as well as always be the heritage for visitors.
If possible, let’s spend time with family, friends on cruise to explore the picturesque beauty of Asian tropical paradise!

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