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7 Incredible Summer Adventures for 2018

Summers are the best time to head outdoors and enjoy the pristine natural landscape of several destinations around the planet.

  20/08/2018 10:39
The ideal summer vacation comprises plenty of action-packed outdoor activities on bright, long clear days. Yes, and since the world loves summers, most destinations are sold out before you can say summer! Well, it isn’t too late.

If you haven’t already planned a much anticipated summer trip or adventure, here are our suggestions to make the most of your favorite time of the year.

1. Backpacking the Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota

Minnesota’s Superior Hiking Trail covers Lake Superior’s western shoreline and offers one of the nation’s most picturesque backpacking trips. While beginners may cover only a fraction of the legendary 260 miles trail, seasoned hikers can cover it with some planning and training.

You’ll be rewarded with some of the most awe-inspiring views of glistening rivers and lakes as well as dramatic cliffs and rock formations. The hiking trail via 10th Mountain Division is dotted with hundreds of huts, which can be rented (book well in advance to avoid inconvenience).

2. Climb the Mount Rainer Peak

Mount Rainer is one of Washington’s most famous peals and the loftiest one in Lower 48. What better place to put into practice your ice mountaineering skills than on an action-packed snow landscape? The mountain envelopes all of Puget Sound region and is a huge draw for climbers from all over the world, who aim to reach its summit. Of course, a fair amount of training is needed to soar 9,000 feet height. Visitors can enjoy awe-inspiring sweeping views of the Washington landscape if they possess the necessary permit, equipment and experience.

3. Newfoundland Whale Watching

The pristine waters of Newfoundland house several whale species during balmy summers, including the humpback, fin, pilot whales and more. The best time to be here is during July and August when you can witness innumerable humpbacks making their way into the ocean to feast on capeline. If you are fortunate, you’ll also spot dolphins and puffin sea birds. The best place to view these creatures is St. Anthony on the Great Northern Peninsula. Come early summer and you’ll spot plenty of icebergs. Some tour operators conduct tours that include among other things an interpretive series on the region’s marine life and culture.

4. Cruise On Arctic Ocean at Hammerfest, Norway

Hammerfest is famous for being the planet’s northernmost town, and though there are other tiny villages up north, none of them inhabit over than 2000 residents. Summers are wonderful for enjoying the Midnight Sun Cruise, where visitors can enjoy both land and coastal features while cruising through the Arctic Ocean. Visitors can enjoy the Midnight Sun, where the entire north Arctic Circle witnesses the sun rotating. Golf enthusiasts can play at the Rapparfjord. Enjoy hiking, going on mountain trails, undertaking coastal adventures, wildlife watching and more as summer descends here each year.

5. Halibut and Salmon Fishing at Ketchikan, Alaska

Few destinations are as brilliant for sports fishing as Ketchikan in summers. Sign up for an Alaska Strike Zone Sportsfishing to enjoy an action-packed excursion. This is also a much sought after destination for coastal oceanic fishing on earth. You’ll find everything from halibut to salmon to a large variety of rockfish. There are both full and half day trips available for multiple adventures. Then, visitors can enjoy hiking, flying over fjords in a thrilling floatplane ride, in addition to a prolific art scene, live music and theatre performances, several shops, amazing eateries and much more.

6. Summer Dog Sledding in Iceland

While you won’t say summers and dog sledding in the same breath, the adventure can be surprisingly enjoyed throughout the year in Iceland, owing to its snow-capped glaciers. The adventure will be guided by a musher, who will direct the sled through one of Iceland’s largest glacier. Enjoy up, close and personal encounters with hyper energetic dogs, while enjoying breathtaking view of mountains, lavas and glaciers. Summers in Iceland are all about descending upon the ethereal landscape below the sparkling midnight sun, where even if the sky goes flaming red it never really gets absolutely dark.

7. Whitewater Rafting the Tuolumne River, California

Whitewater rafting adventure seekers will never have it as good as the O.A.R.S outdoor excursion company’s rafting tours around the region. Founded about 50 years ago, the adventure firm has been named the “Best River & Sea Outfitter on Earth” by none other than National Geographic Adventure. Though there are innumerable destinations to pick, Tuolumne near Yosemite is at its peak from May to June and draws rafters from all over the planet for its 18-mile class IV-V rapids. You’ll have to book soon for signing up for single or multi-day rafting excursions, including hiking, creek exploring, swimming, camping and more.

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