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10 things you did not know about Canada

TO HELP Canada celebrate its 150th anniversary on July 1st and to honor this great country, Fairmont interpreted 10 quirky facts about Canada, from the UFO landing pad in Alberta to the nation’s mammoth maple syrup industry.

  10/08/2018 13:11

1. Canada ships a LOT of maple syrup to the US.

Canada exported 38.4 million kg of maple syrup in 2014. That's the equivalent to 274 blue whales! More than 60% was exported to the US.

2. Watch out for polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba.

Between 60-80% of the world's polar bear population lives in Canada. Residents of the small town Churchill, Manitoba report up to 60 polar bear sightings a day. Locals keep their car doors unlocked in case a neighbor needs to quickly take shelter.

3. Canadians go mad for mac and cheese.

Canadians buy more kraft mac and cheese than any other packaged grocegy item. They chow through 1.7 million boxes of the stuff each week, over 50% more than US consumers.

4. The Yukon can be as cold as Mars!

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada was -81.4°F in Snag, Yukon on 3 February 1947. That's the same temperature as the surface of Mars.

5. Alberta is well prepared for the arrival of UFOs.

The world's first UFO Landing Pad was opened in St.Paul.Alberta in 1967. The plaque on the Landing Pad states: "If we are to become voyageurs of space. We must learn the true meaning of tolerance to others that are different from us."

6. This might be the friendliest ‘war’ ever.

Since the 1930s, Canada and Denmark have engaged in a playful "Whisky War". Whenever the Canadian military visit the tiny, barren island, they leave a bottle of Canada Club whisky with a sign saying: "Welcome to Canada."

7. Some people are convinced there’s a monster living in a lake in British Columbia.

Forget the Lock Ness Monster, Canada has Ogopogo. A mysterious lake creature said to lurk in British Columbia's Lake Okanagan. The giant sea serpent came to public attention in 1926 and sightings are still reported today.

8. There’s a $1 million coin that’s the same size as a motorcycle tire.

Canadians may want to check they've received the right change if they're paying with a gold $1 million coin. It's legal tender and is the same size of a motorcycle tire.

9. Remember: politeness costs nothing in Canada.

Canadians are known for their politeness. They love to say "sorry" so much, they created apology act in Ontario, which allows people to apologize, without fear that it will be later used as an admission of wrongdoing in court.

10. Skiers and snowboarders should take note of this awesome run.

Canada might be huge, but in sunshine village a ski resort close to Banff, you can ski between Alberta and British Columbia in one run!

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