The Highlights of Hoi An

Easy-going Hoi An is a traveller's dream. Full of grace, this traditional port town in Vietnam will captivate all who hit her shores with a veritable blend of intriguing history and cosmopolitan charm. Here are our top things to do in Hoi An.
   18/11/2016 17:03

Son Doong, World’s Largest Cave in Vietnam

There are many things that make the Son Doong Cave in Vietnam a remarkable natural wonder; at about 9km in length, 200m in width and 150m in height, it is the largest cave in the world, with caverns capable of fitting entire city streets and skyscrapers.
   08/11/2016 16:19

7 best places to visit in Vietnam

Culture, cocktails and coconut candy: seven awesome places to go and things to do on a tour of Vietnam.
   17/10/2016 15:40

Visiting Halong Bay: tips to plan your trip

The World Heritage seascape of Halong Bay, dotted with jagged limestone pinnacles, is one of Vietnam’s biggest attractions. The most popular way to experience the bay is on a cruise.
   06/10/2016 15:44

11 Most Amazing Hotels in Vietnam

Whether you want to relax in spa luxury or hike through the mountains to minority villages and rice paddies, you’ll find unique and amazing hotels in Vietnam where you can indulge yourself.
   26/09/2016 17:42

7 Drinks You Should Try in Vietnam

When visiting Vietnam one of the things that you should never miss is their simple but delectable drinks.
   21/09/2016 16:05

How to Spend 2 Weeks in Vietnam

Surrounded by Laos, Cambodia and China is the country of Vietnam, an amazing destination in the heart of Southeast Asia. Ravaged by war multiple times, Vietnam is a country with a rich history as well as a past filled with turbulence.
   15/09/2016 11:16

10 Best Vietnam Luxury Resorts

Accommodation in Vietnam ranges from simple dorm accommodation in backpacking hostels to world-class resorts, both in large cities and in popular coastal and rural destinations. This list presents the best luxury resorts in Vietnam, as rated by visitors, picked from an ever-growing selection of boutique hotel stays, luxury hotel hideaways and romantic retreats.
   05/09/2016 14:40

Vietnam's most beautiful lakes

These must-see lakes have become ideal tourist destinations for those who wish to escape their hectic lives and immerse themselves in nature.
   01/09/2016 13:37

6 must-see destinations in Ly Son Island

Ly Son is not only famous for fresh seafood but also for fantastic destinations. These are beautiful places that you can't ignore when going to Ly Son.
   30/08/2016 14:30

Moc Chau is so beautiful in the ripen rice season

September is the time when Moc Chau is dyed into yellow color by the terraced fields and it has become the most attractive destination when the fall comes.
   26/08/2016 15:37

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Hanoi

This capital city of Vietnam once served as the headquarters of the North Vietnamese communist army. Today, it provides a beautiful and educational window into a country that is most often visited through the Southern, tropical Ho Chi Minh City, once called Saigon.
   23/08/2016 13:14

Vinh Hy travel experience

Apart from Co To, Con Dao, Ly Son… Vinh Hy is also a must-come pristine beach of Vietnam. With this article, it will be easier for you to explore this new bay.
   19/08/2016 16:11

Seven beautiful landscapes in the “yellow flower, green grass” land of Vietnam

Xom Ro moss beach, O Loan lagoon, Bai Mon or Binh Thanh wooden bridge are always indispensable destinations for tourists when travelling in Phu Yen.
   16/08/2016 11:00

Ha Giang's stunning terraced rice fields

Hoang Su Phi's terraced rice fields raised by the silt from the Chay River, are regarded as the most beautiful place in the area thanks to the special terrain and fertile soil.
   12/08/2016 15:22

Three best places for egg coffee

One of Ha Noi’s best-known beverages was invented by Mr. Giang, who was a bartender at the Metropole Hotel during the French colonial era. He took the Cappuccino, added egg cream and a Vietnamese twist.
   05/08/2016 10:18

Travel magazine suggests must-see destinations in Vietnam

The Lonely Planet Traveller of the UK, a leading travel magazine in the world, has suggested five must-see destinations in Vietnam for those who wish to make a vacation in this country.
   28/07/2016 10:49

Vietnam's hellish island ranks fourth in Lonely Planet's top Asia spots

Con Dao Island has come a long way from a notorious prison under French colonial rule to where it is today.
   27/07/2016 11:21