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Things to eat in Phu Quoc

It’s all about seafood.

  07/12/2017 14:03

1. Goi ca Trich (Herring salad)

Goi ca Trich (Herring salad) is the cuisine pride of Phu Quoc people, a very famous Phu Quoc’s traditional food coming along with the special and common fish- herring. The dish served with Phu Quoc homemade rice paper and fish sauce creates the heaven taste for those who once try the herring salad.

2. Nhum (sea-urchin)

Nhum (sea-urchin) is tasty and healthy. It is not only a original dish of  Phu Quoc, but also virility and kidney tonic, … very good for men.

3. Baked egg squid

Baked egg squid is idyllic and rustic dish of Phu Quoc people.3

4. Sim wine

Sim wine, a specialty of Phu Quoc made from ripe red sim fruit only growing in Phu Quoc, is popular with a lot of the tourists who have ever visisted Phu Quoc Island as it provides the very fantactic taste which is pretty similar to cocktails.

5. Ham Ninh swimming crab

Ham Ninh swimming crab, famous taste of Ham Ninh fishing village.

6. Phu Quoc fish sauce

Phu Quoc fish sauce is a delicious renowned specialty of this beautiful island.

Source Vietnamstay

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