Top five foods to try in Turkey

Turkish food can be found in most major cities and has become an increasingly popular type of cuisine throughout the world. However, the real thing can’t be compared to the Turkish dishes you’ll find in the streets of your local city. Here’s five of the best foods to try in Turkey on your next holiday.

  17/10/2019 13:23

Turkish Pide

Pizza lovers all around the world can enjoy their very own Turkish Pide, or better known as a Turkish Pizza. It consists of an open flatbread crust baked in the oven. It’s then covered with various mouth-watering toppings, such as minced meat and cheese, fried egg, and a spicy mix of vegetables and chili.

Best enjoyed by eating with your hands, this local delicacy can be found all over Turkey at local restaurants. Some specialise in more or better toppings than others.


Another street food delicacy, Gozleme, consists of a very fine pancake rolled out to a considerably large size. It’s filled with delicious ingredients such as cheese, spinach, minced meat, and vegetables. The best place to enjoy these pancakes is at a local restaurant close to Kusadasi called Yavuz’s Restaurant, where they have perfected this Turkish pancake since 1984.

The restaurant is situated in a rural area shaded by large trees. You can choose between table seating or lounging on Turkish carpets and cushions while you enjoy your meal. A demonstration is also given on how the pancakes are rolled out and baked.


These juicy meatballs are either cooked, baked, or fried, with the basic Kofte meatball consisting of a combination of lean beef mince, chili, onion, and bulgur wheat. Kofte restaurants, from the smallest gems to the highest rated restaurants in Turkey, can be found everywhere during your travels.

These tasty meatballs come in many different combinations, some including melted cheese, or some thrown into a juicy stew. They are served hot with a variety of different side dishes. These can include soft flatbread, roasted Jalapeno peppers, salads, or even other types of meat, such as steak strips.


A visit to Turkey is not complete until you have tried locally made Lokum, or what we know as Turkish delight. There are two different types that can be found in Turkey. The kind made from sugar, which is usually the type that is mass produced and what westerners are familiar with – or made of pure honey.

Honey-based Turkish delight is the traditional and best form of this sweet treat. It consists of rolled pieces of honeyed goodness, nuts, dried fruits such as figs, and flavours including rose and chocolate. Some are even made covered with a fine layer of real sugared rose petals.

Turkish delight can be found all over Turkey, but the very best can be found in the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul. Check out a shop known as Hazer Baba, where they also sell authentic saffron spice and delicious nuts and dried fruits.

Turkish Tea and Coffee

As a local tradition and gesture of hospitality, Turkish tea and coffee are readily available. And, in some cases, even provided to guests at local restaurants and shops as complimentary. Turkish tea comes in different flavours including the traditional bitter taste which is sweetened with a lump of sugar or sweetened apple. There’s also pomegranate tea which can be either hot or cold.

Turkish coffee is served dark and unsweetened and is strong and rich in flavour. Guests can also buy their very own instant Turkish tea and coffee at local shops. As well as in some rare cases, the special teapots used to make these delicious beverages.


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