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The best gelato in London

From the smoothest pistachio to tongue-tingling strawberry sherbet, this is where to find the most delicious Italian-style ice cream in town.

  18/07/2018 14:11


The slickest, newest, shiniest arrival on London’s gelato scene has touched down on Piccadilly. Grom is the first UK branch of an Italian favourite that has more than 60 stores at home. Walk around the circular gelato counter to ogle classic flavours (no messing with tradition here) of pistachio, chocolate, coffee and stracciatella, as well as the signature crema di Grom (pastry cream with Meliga biscuits and chocolate pieces). All the ingredients are natural, and the mango sorbet is a refreshing summer-time highlight.


Hidden down an unassuming street in the depths of Soho, Gelupo has become an evergreen hit on the London ice-cream scene. The little sister of Bocca di Lupo (the top-notch Italian just over the road) offers brilliant gelato, sorbet and granita. This summer, new flavours include peanut butter and blueberry, strawberry sherbet and a surprisingly tasty and super-creamy olive oil and rosemary. Take a number at the door and join the queue to try before you buy.


La Gelatiera is all about experimentation, but don't be frightened by the playful flavour combinations. Porcini mushroom chocolate cream is sweeter than it sounds, while basil and chilli is like a creamy palate cleanser. Honey, rosemary and orange zest (pictured) is the best seller, or go for a boozy kick with a sorbet (Mojito, peach Bellini). In summer, there's a pop-up stall in Brick Lane Market.


There are branches of Snowflake all across town, from Bayswater to Soho, so you're never far from a spoiling gelato. It's made with organic Jersey milk and the flavours have won multiple taste awards; for something more unusual, go for tortadellanona (based on an Italian custard dessert), or white chocolate and rosewater. The sorbetto include tangy lime and mint, and zingy blood orange.


Theo Randall and Gordon Ramsay rarely recommend restaurants other than their own - so with endorsements from these top chefs, you know Oddono's must be fantastic. Hardly surprising given that they've experimented with more than 130 flavours. In the colder months drop by for one of the delicious Italian-style hot chocolates.

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