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Mid-Autumn Festival - Be completed with moon cakes

If you ever take part in Autumn Festival in Japan or China, you will not miss the chance to experience the differences and uniqueness in the festival of Vietnam.

  17/08/2016 14:04
If you did not get the chance to be in that special event, the up-coming festival is for you.
Mid-Autumn Festival (Tet Trung Thu) in Vietnam is celebrated on August 15th following the Lunar Calendar. This is the time for family reunion and also an important festival for children. Children receive toys, fruits and especially moon-shaped cakes as gifts.
Before the festival, moon cakes cover all streets with a variety of types and flavors, particularly outstanding among them are salted egg cakes, matcha cakes and snow skin cakes.

Salted egg moon cakes

Gently biting a salted egg moon cake, you will feel the sweet and soft of the cover, the crispness of lotus seeds, and especially the unique salty of egg in the core.
Salted eggs are one of the most favorite ingredients of Vietnamese cakes. They appear in many cakes because of their strange and addictive flavor.
Get this moon cake and give it a try to taste “one-of-a-kind” traditional Vietnamese flavor.

Matcha moon cakes

Matcha (green tea powder) is now famous for its distinctive taste and great benefits. The flavor is considered to satisfy the most fastidious people. Besides that, matcha also keeps the doctor away. It contains high amount of antioxidants which help fighting against negative effects of UV radiation, give us young-looking skin and also boost memory and concentration.
If you are looking for a gift which is suitable for everyone, this kind of moon cake is the best fit.

Snow skin moon cakes

Covered with a white skin like snow, this moon cake brings customers elegance and purity.
This is a special type, quite different from the others. It contains a small amount of fat. Main special ingredient is glutinous rice, which is sticky and soft. Lotus seeds are included.

Cake-eating tips

Vietnamese usually eat moon cakes with tea. Eating too much moon cakes can increase cardiovascular disease rates or gain weights easily, so drinking tea while eating cakes is the best way to prevent these diseases. Green tea or oolong tea should be drunk with salty cakes; while chamomile tea goes with sweet cakes. These kinds of tea contain acid acetic conciliating fat content.

Mid-Autumn Festival is not festival without moon cakes.

You cannot fully enjoy the essence and beauty of the festival if you do not have some moon cakes in your house because moon cakes on its own express tradition and soul of Vietnamese people. National flower of Vietnam is lotus, so lotus seed is the main ingredient which is included in all types of moon cake. When a lotus seed is seen in the cake, the image of Vietnam immediately appears in customers’ mind.
Salted eggs are the second favorite ingredient. Ancestors preserve eggs with salt to keep them fresh. It indicates Vietnamese character that is respecting every gifts of the nature.
Vietnamese appreciate the love from others. Therefore, festivals are occasions to show the concerns. Mid-Autumn Festival is for everyone gathering together. Vietnamese chooses the way of exchanging moon cakes to send best wishes. Source Saigonfoodtour

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