Culinary Vietnam - A Taste of Hoi An

Hoi An is a rare jewel. Unlike other cities in Vietnam which are plagued by motorbike traffic and development, the ancient port city on the Thu Bon River charms visitors with mustard yellow facades and lantern-strewn boulevards.

  29/12/2016 16:23
The bohemian town may be picture-perfect, but it's the culinary landscape that really draws the crowds. The Old Town of Hoi An is Vietnam's undeniable food capital, drawing on the fresh herbs and fragrant trademark of Vietnamese cuisine, but with its own distinct heritage and flair. An illustrious trading past has influenced local flavours with subtle Chinese, French and Japanese characteristics.
Whether you're strolling through the heaving Central Market or passing street vendors in bougainvillea-lined lanes, there are temptations to be found at every turn. Along with variations of classic Vietnamese dishes, gourmands flock to Hoi An for the 'golden triangle' of specialities.

Cao lau

Pho gets about beef noodle soup. Hoi An's speciality is cao lau, a flavourful dish of thick rice noodles, smoky pork and crisp local greens. The noodles receive star billing, their unique texture attributed to water sourced from an ancient Cham well. The recipe is known only to a few people which only adds to its mysterious and legendary quality.

Com Ga Hoi An

Com Ga Hoi An is not unlike the Hainanese style of chicken rice, but with Hoi An's signature twist. Comfort food at its finest, com ga Hoi An sounds simple but its flavour profile is anything but. Rice is cooked in a rich stock infused with turmeric and then topped with shredded chicken and crispy onions. Just before serving, the dish is decorated with local herbs, lime, black pepper and a spicy chilli jam.

White Rose

A rose by any other name would not taste as delicious. White Rose, or banh bao vac, is Hoi An's answer to the steamed dumpling, so named for its resemblance to the flower. Another local speciality shrouded in mystery, there's only one family in town who supplies these translucent parcels of spiced shrimp or pork. Much like cao lau, water for the dumpling dough must be taken from the Ba Le well.

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