7 must eat foods in Osaka and Kyoto

When it comes to eating in Japan, the options are truly endless; from sushi to soba, we definitely were able to eat to our heart's content. Here are 7 must eat foods in Osaka and Kyoto.

  24/07/2019 09:40

Osaka: Harukoma Sushi

Usually spotted with a snaking queue along Tenjinbashisuji Shoutengai, Harokuma Sushi is a must go for all sushi lovers looking for value-for-money fresh cuts. Don’t get turned off by the queue as it moves on really quickly – our wait was approximately 15 minutes for 6 people in front of us. Expect generous thick raw cuts for their sushi at affordable prices. We came out with bloated bellies after having ¥6,700 worth of food for all 4 of us!

Uchiya Bake Shop Cheese Tart

Layered crusts gave way with crisp crunches as we sank our teeth into the palm-sized goodness. My tongue felt the soft custard almost immediately, a little like beancurd with pockets of sugar.  The light cheesy aftertaste ensued, enticing me to take the next bite. Uchiya offers cheese tarts in different flavours too – chocolate, green tea, yuzu and more!

Luke’s Lobster

Crisp on the outside and pillowy soft in the inside, the toasted buttered buns were so tasty they can be eaten alone. Through their open kitchen concept, we observed how the chefs tossed huge lobster chunks in sauces and painstakingly compacted them between the buttered buns. Surprisingly, the cold lobster meat complemented the warm buttered bun really nicely.

Kyoto: Konnamonjya Soy Milk Donut

An exceptionally fluffy bite-sized sponge ring, these soy milk rings bring donuts to a whole new level. Each bite left me craving for more – no wonder they are sold in packets of 10; because anything less will definitely be nowhere near satisfying. My personal favourite from Nishiki Market, the soy milk donut comes in many assorted flavours as well!

Daiyasu Oysters

More than just aesthetically pleasing, this shelled dish was well worth its price tag. Enhanced with the sour tinge of lemon, the oyster glided swiftly off its shell onto my tongue. A mild taste of the sea, followed by a tinge of sweetness, and a whole lot of satisfaction. Oysters were available both raw and cooked, so no worries if you prefer cooked food!

Sawawa Thick Matcha Soft Serve Cone

As suggested by the name, the soft serve tasted a whole lot like matcha, with a lingering tinge of bitterness; unlike the usual ones that are more milky and sweet. We were so hooked to the taste, regular matcha ice cream just did not hit the cut anymore – An undeniable treat for matcha lovers!

Ajidontsuki Kyoto-style Beef Manju Bun

A combination of the usual pau and the chinese plain buns sandwiching braised pork, the Kyoto-style beef manju bun was served scalding hot, straight out from the steamer. A tinge of Asia in every bite, the Manju Bun is filled with flavoured burdock roots and beef slices. The bun steamer was also rather huge and easy to spot along the Nishiki Market!

Source By DingYi Lim - Thetravelintern

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