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14 expensive sushi spots that are actually worth the price in America

Light, healthy, and made in endless variations, it's no surprise that sushi is such a popular delicacy.

  02/08/2016 14:52

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LOS ANGELES: Koi Restaurant

People rave about the sushi, the service, and the back patio, where celebrity sightings are common place. Although you can't seem to go wrong with any item on the menu, try the "She's So LA" roll that comes topped with gold leaves.


The Omakase meal (where the chefs present a selection of their own choices) is said to be the way to go, as the chefs are creative, friendly, and accommodating. Make reservations well in advance, and sit by the bar to watch the dishes come to life in San Francisco.


Praised for high-quality, authentic food and impeccable presentation, Sushi Taro is the place to go for sushi in the nation's capital Washington, DC. Just ask the members of the Japanese Embassy — apparently, they're frequent patrons. If it's good enough for them, it has to be excellent. Customers recommend the fatty tuna rolls and anything tempura.


Hailed as the best Japanese place in Miami, Zuma is loved for its trendy atmosphere and fabulous food. Enjoy black cod dumplings that "melt in your mouth" over views of the Miami River.

NEW YORK City: Kura

Kura is praised as an intimate New York spot with unbeatable Omakase and a passionate, entertaining chef to match. The restaurant seats only 12 people at a time, so reservations are a must.

ATLANTA: Miso Izakaya

"If you don't Instagram the shoyu tamago or the oshi sushi, then you're not doing it right," Spoon University raves. Other favorites include the buns — duck, pork belly, and more, folded into delicately steamed rice flour.


The ultimate sushi experience for a special occasion, diners recommend going for the tasting menus. One features 13 courses with beverage pairings — expensive but worth it, as it allows you to try the delectable dishes one after the other in Boston.


"Duck, duck, duck," says one customer — but everything else is good, too. The decor and service have also received top reviews, making Morimoto the perfect venue for a special meal. To go with your meal, try a variety of unique, cuisine-inspired cocktails in Philadelphia.


Leave your meal choice up to the waiter in Houston as everything is delicious and it can be hard to decide. Highlights include the Wagyu beef, foie gras Nigiri, and big eye Tuna with apple, goat cheese, and pumpkin seed oil. For dessert, the fried milk is a must.


Hip and cool, Momiji has a reputation for endless options and a creative take on traditional sushi. Sit at the bar and watch the mesmerizing process of the chefs at work, or sit by the garden in the center of the restaurant for a more relaxing experience. Customers also praise the variety of vegan options and the crafted cocktails.

ORLANDO: Seito Sushi

The Sweetheart roll is as good as it sounds, as is the Distinguished Gentleman roll. Sit outside on the patio if the weather is good, and order the tempura fried cheesecake for dessert in Orlando.

DENVER: Sushi Den

Fresh ingredients, specialty menu items, and a superb happy hour are just a few of the things that make Sushi Den "the best sushi restaurant in Denver," according to Foursquare users. How are the seafood ingredients so good, when Denver is totally landlocked? Many are flown in daily from Japan.

MINNEAPOLIS: Masu Sushi & Robata

The ramen is a huge hit, as well as the steamed buns. The vegetarian menu offers plenty of delicious, fish-free options, and happy hour is a great time. Don't see your favorite item on the menu? If you sit at the bar, the chefs will customize a roll for you.


This "total hole-in-the-wall" is praised as a "mind blowing experience" by Foursquare users. You can't go wrong with the eight-course Omakase, but if you're not quite up for that, at least try the Escolar Pearls in Chicago.

Source: Business Insider
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