What is the difference in Autumn between Europe and the East Asia such as Japan, Korea is a question that only when setting your foot on it can you fully feel its romance with rustling yellow forest leaves in Autumn, and singing wind through space among leaves and autumn blue sky, as well as ancient palaces. You will boat to contemplate beautiful landscapes on both banks of Sognefjorden Fjord, go skiing at Holmenkollbakken in Norway and visit a series of famous palaces throughout your tour.

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Sognefjorden Fjord – a new attraction

The Sognefjorden Fjord is the largest fjord in Norway, and the third longest in the world. The Sognefjord (or Sognefjorden) is famous for its unique features. Unlike other bays in other countries such as Ha Long Bay with open space and close to the sea, the Sognefjorden Fjord deeply stretches inland with average width 4.5km and length up to 205 km. The fjord reaches a maximum depth of 1,308 metres, with over 100m below sea level, which have made the fjord become famous. The fjord takes its name from the traditional district of Sogn. Smaller fjords which branch off from the Sognefjord include Esefjorden, Fjærlandsfjord, Sogndalsfjord, Lustrafjord, Årdalsfjord, Lærdalsfjord, Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. At its end, there is the village of Skjolden, which is an access to Jotunheimen National Park, so that it is also a compound name as Sognefjorden as it is today. The fjord is surrounded by gigantic mountains with lowest height ranging from 1,000m to 2,000m.

Sognefjord Bay

From Oslo Capital to the Northwestern direction, you will reach the start-point to boat for contemplating beautiful landscapes of the Sognefjorden Fjord. The special thing is the romantic beauty of European Autumn, with yellow and red forest leaves on mountain slopes, decorated by mountain peaks covered by white snow at temperature 14oC. Fresh air and beautiful landscapes here will make you unforgettable.

Norway is one of national destinations in the travel itinerary to discover North Europe by Vietravel, which has just been offered in the market.

A different Europe

In Autumn, Europe covers on it a romantic and graceful beauty glamorous to any visitor right at the first sight. In the cool autumn, forests change their color splendidly in the golden sunlight…Think of Norway in Autumn, where not many Vietnamese people have had opportunity to set their foot on it and this is your care because you will be the first one discovering autumn in North Europe with specially exciting things. Oslo is a new and strange combination of a busy capital with immense natural landscape of gigantic mountains covered by white snow. Boating to contemplate grandiose Sognefjorden Fjord is the most special experience.  If traveling to Copenhagen Capital of Denmark, you will have opportunity to directly contemplate the statue of the Little Mermaid, a famous and typical architectural work of the Capital and palaces namely Frederiksborg, Kronborg, Amalienborg, and Gefion Fountain…at the Capital center.

Near Norway, Stockholm Capital of Sweden is very poetic and splendidly decorated by the  Royal Palace of Stockholm and certainly you will not hardly visit Helsinki Capital of Finland with a series of architectural works of European style, walking on Esplanadin Puisto Boulevard full of dropped leaves, you will fully feel this remarkable poetic moment. The “Incredible things in North Europe” program with travel itinerary “Norway – Denmark – Sweden – Finland” (13 days) is a completely new tour, only available at Vietravel, with 3-4* hotel.

In addition, there is also a travel itinerary to discover Eastern European countries added with two new destinations namely Poland and Slovakia, which make the tour more attractive. Eastern Europe is splendid and very graceful. Zurich City in Switzerland is one of them; you will see very straight streets and rows of yellow-leaf trees on both sides of the street leading to Fraumunster Church with unique and glamorous color glass panes created by the famous painter Marc Chagall. You will be glamoured by the beauty of Baroque architecture with ancient churches or romantic landscapes of Danube River running through Budapest Capital, Hungary.

Autumn in Poland is very comfortable, you can relax on Stranov hill and look out to the panorama of Praha city by the side of splendid Vitava River. If traveling to Warszawa, spend your time to contemplate ancient architectural works such as St. John's Archcathedral, Castle Square, and the statue of the Little Mermaid of  Warsaw…traveling to Bratislava Capital of  Slovakia, you will feel delighted with its romantic beauty. Autumn days in Austria will be good time to fully perceive architectural beauty of palaces, typically is Schonbrunn Palace with 1,441 rooms and 2 big flower gardens as an autumn labyrinth luring you in a colorful world.    

Accordingly, Eastern Europe travel itinerary includes “Switzerland – Hungary – Poland – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Austria” (13 days), 4* hotel…In addition, meals set in the tour are tasty to clients, and also include Asian dishes which are either strange or familiar and appetizing. Especially, this tour is properly started on the intended date and visitors will not have to pay any more costs including tips for tourist guide. You will also perceive difference ranging from the advising stage to the servicing by tourist guide speaking Vietnamese language throughout the tour and completely different services of Vietravel in the market.


Tour information:

Switzerland - Hungary - Poland – Czech Republic - Slovakia - Austria” (13 days)

All-in price: VND 96,990,000/pax. Departure: 22/8; 25/9

Norway - Denmark - Sweden - Finland” (13 days)

All-in price: VND 129,000,000/pax. Departure: 30/8; 27/9


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