Located on the main road axis from Vientiane Capital to Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng attracts international tourists for its dreamlike and peaceful beauty of a pristine town where contains many surprises to leave lasting impression in your mind once you come here.

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With the advantage of ideal terrain - leaned on the mountains and faced to the river, together with cool weather all year round, Vang Vieng has become a destination which can be missed when tourists come to Laos in resort combined with ecological tourism tour. Vang Vieng town was constructed following a complete tourism town model which suit for many tourism types such as: spiritual, resort, or adventure games on Nam Song river. Put into operation since 1980 to date, this place has quickly become a “hot” destination to the international tourists, especially European tourists at weekends or on holidays.

Vang Vieng -Peaceful

... and dreamlike

Together with Vientiane, Vang Vieng owns many Buddhist works with spiritual values such as famous historical relics of “the land of a million elephants” country. Vang Vien is still a “strange” destination to many Vietnamese tourists, therefore, Vietravel is the pioneer company to introduce this destination to the tourists in their journey to discover Laos through the interesting tour of “Vientiane – Vang Vieng” (4 days).

Buddha Park

With this tour, the tourists will discover fully a peaceful country of Laos where always leaves beautiful impressions in the mind of foreigners. Vientiane Capital of Laos owns many destinations, however, with the selected destinations in this tour, you seem to never visit Laos before. Here, there is Wat Xieng Khouang Park or also called Buddha Park. This is the place where displays hundreds of Buddha statues carved carefully and skillfully, Mon Temple and Village of Ethnic Minorities living in tribal etc. and this is a beautiful impression on Laos Culture. The main emphasis is Sisaket Pagoda with nearly 7000 small and big Buddha statues.  This is not only sanctuary place for the people to get rid of all daily worries and make their souls peaceful at Buddha place but also a place to remind the young people of Laos about the value of peace. That Luang Tower with the height of 45m is the symbol of Laos where you can admire the splendor of the tower laminated with gold or Patuxay Victory Monument where is known as the Arc de Triomphe of Laos because this Monument was built following the symbol of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France with the unique Kinnari goddess sculpture of half bird, half human. These are two destinations that any tourists wish to visit and record the memories through photos.

That Luang Tower of 45m high

“Arc de Triomphe” of Laos

Laos is famous for many Buddha architectural works

Visit Vang Vieng, you should go to Vang Vieng market where display and sell many specialties of Laos to understand more about the beauty in market culture of Laos as well as to buy famous special foods of Laos to enjoy or buy souvenirs to your relatives. Do not forget well-known Laos Sticky Rice Wine with typical aroma of sticky rice and made in accordance with a “esoteric” formula which can not be found anywhere in the world. Vietravel will  take the tourists to visit the production place of this well-known wine so that the tourists can see with their real eyes wine production procedures in Ban Pak Kha Young and visit traditional salt production place of Laos. It is extremely wonderful to eat Mekong Fish baked with ore salt, drink Laos beer and sticky rice baked with meat. You can refer Vientiane – Vang Vieng Tour (4 days) of Vietravel with the price of from VND13,400,000/tourist, departure on 23/3; 18, 27/4.

 Colorful and attractive Laos Foods


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