Ending 9 Spring Walk Days on occasion of Tet 2013, from the 1st to 9th of Tet, Vietravel served more than 35,000 domestic and foreign tourists, reaching the growth rate of 25% compared to the same period of 2012. In which there are nearly 1,000 international tourists to Vietnam in the first 10 days of Lunar New Year from Southeast Asia, America, Japan, Korea and China

  18/02/2013 14:21


An increase of 25% of tourists on Spring tours compared to the same period of 2013

In accordance with the statistics on the number of tourists starting the tour on the 1st day of Tet, there were 3,000 tourists from four main places of Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh city and Can Tho. Particularly Ho Chi Minh city had 1,800 tourists starting domestic and foreign tours. The 2nd day of Tet was the peak time with more than 4,100 tourists in which nearly 2,000 tourists participated in domestic tours and more than 2,100 tourists participated in foreign tours.

Through the statistics data on the number of tourists started tours on the first 9 days of the lunar year at Vietravel, it showed that the number of tourists this year remained at high growth rate, increased 25% compared to the same period of 2012 with more than 35,000 tourists.

Although the year 2013 was forecasted as the year with many difficulties, the tourism industry still had the opportunities to confirm its own position with creating breakthrough and difference in offering unique services and products to survive and develop and Vietravel is a typical example for the innovation in socio-economic conditions and demands of the tourists with constant changes.

Domestic tours which were chosen most by the tourists are Northern tours with main tours of Hanoi, Tay Bac, Dong Bac; Central tours with Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hue; Da Lat and Southeast Tours. Besides, foreign tours to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia, Europe, the United States were also most concerned ones, especially tours to Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore - Malaysia with sudden increase at the last minute.


Where to go after 10th of Tet

These tours aimed at office market segment because almost offices reopened on the 9th of Tet, however this was also the time for tourists from enterprises, Oversea Vietnamese, individual tourists etc, increased strongly after the days fully spent with the families. Right on the spring days, although tours had already started, tour registration staffs were still busy with receiving registrations for tours after Tet with high number of tourists. According to our records, in the offices of Vietravel, especially at Head Office, a high percentage of Oversea Vietnamese registered for pilgrimage tours, temple ceremony tours in the North. From the 3rd of Tet, the number tourists registering for the tours increased strongly. Mr. Le Trong Phat, a French Oversea Vietnamese, shared that “this year, we take our children to Vietnam, firstly to visit our family, then we want our children to understand more about the cultural customs of the Vietnamese people so that they love more their homeland and this is our most concern for this tour”.

 Many individual tourists registered for the after-Tet tours with many personnel reasons. Mr. Thanh Tuan, a freelance photographer said that: “I do love to discover the local cultures of different regions, especially on Tet occasion because this is the time most traditional festivals are held, from Huong Pagoda Festival or enjoying Tay Bac peach blossom season in Tan Lap. Hunting for beautiful photos is my job but also the passion for cultural sense".

It is a common trend every year that everyone wants to take a pilgrimage tour, return-to-the roots tour after Tet because there are many places that you should not ignore such as Huong pagoda festival, Yen Tu Pagoda festival, Bai Dinh pagoda Festival especially death anniversary of King Hung - Hung Temple Festival 2013. According to information from People’s Committee of Phu Tho province, this year death anniversary of King Hung is the occasion to honor and receive the recognition of “King Hung Worship Faiths in Phu Tho” as the world intangible cultural heritage. The festival will take place on April 13 (i.e. Lunar March 4th). Besides incense-offering ceremony to commemorate Hung Kings; National Ancestor Lac Long Quan commemoration ceremony; incense-offering ceremony to commemorate Grandmother Au Co etc. there is also the festival part with many cultural activities such as palanquin welcoming of surrounding communes; traditional cultural performance of ethnic groups in Phu Tho province; the Phu Tho IIIth Xoan and Folk singing Competition; Chung Cake making and cooking contest, Giay Cake making contest; “King Hung Worship Faiths and Community Cultural Life Photos” Exhibition. In Viet Tri city, Street Festival will be held with the topic of “Culture of King Hung Land - Convergence and Shine”; Lo River Crossing Swimming Contest etc.


Discount up to 3 million VND for Domestic Tour after 10th of Tet (*)

According to general assessment, After-tet Tours will last until the end of March and beginning April with pilgrimage tours, Cherry blossom seeing tours in Japan, Korea, US, culture, festival discovery tours in Northern provinces, Flower seeing tour in Tay Bac before entering the peak time of 30-4 and 1/5 Festival with fireworks Festival in Da Nang.

To meet high demands of the tourists after Tet, Vietravel launched 4 programs in cooperation with gold partners to offer big discounts to the tourists in domestic tours up to 3 million VND as follows:

Northern Region Tours: Tay Bac in Ban Flower Reason - Hanoi – Sapa – Lao Chai – Ta Van –Dien Bien – Son La – Moc Chau (6 days). Promotion Price: VND10,290,000 (already discount 3,000,000 VND). Departure: Every Tuesday. Ha Noi – Yen Tu – Ha Long – Sapa – Den Do (6 days). Promotion price: 11,090,000 VND (already discount VND 3,000,000). Departure: Every Thursday. Ha Noi – Yen Tu – Ha Long – Titop Island – Sung Sot Cave – Bai Dinh – Trang An (4 days), promotion Price: 7,990,000 VND (already discount  VND3,000,000). Departure: Every Saturday.

Central Region Tours: Da Nang – Ba Na – Hoi An – Hue – Phong Nha (4 days). Price: 5,790,000 VND (already discount 3,000,000 VND). DEPARTURE: Every Friday. Da Nang – Lang Co – Hue – Dong Thien Duong – Ba Na – Hoi An (5 days). Price: 6,790,000VND (already discount 3,000,000 VND). DEPARTURE: Every Wednesday, Saturday.

Sea and Island Tour Promotion Program, in cooperation with airlines: Phu Quoc – Green Paradise (3 days), Price from: 4,790,000 VND (already discount 1,900,000 VND). DEPARTURE: Every Friday, Saturday. Nha Trang Blue Sea – Travel by air (3 days). Price: 4,290,000 VND (already discount 2,000,000 VND). DEPARTURE: Every Saturday.

Tours with discount 25 – 45%: Chau Doc – Ha Tien – Kampot – Sihanouk Ville –Bokor Entertainment Highlands (4 days), Price: 3,990,000 VND (already discount 1,800,000 VND, equivalent to 25%). DEPARTURE: 7/3, 21/3. Da Lat Flower  (3 days), Price: 1,450,000VND (already discount 1,000,000 VND, equivalent to 45%). DEPARTURE: 8/3, 29/3. Nha Trang – Mui Dai Lanh – Phu Yen – Ganh Da Dia (5 days). Price: 2,990,000 VND (already discount 2,000,000 VND, equivalent to 40%). DEPARTURE: 6/3, 20/3. Chau Doc – Be Fishing Village – Ba Pagoda – Cam Mountain (2 days – 1 night - pilgrimage), Price: 1,350,000 VND (already discount 800,000 VND, equivalent to 40%). DEPARTURE: 24/2, 16/3

* Tour Price is applied for departure from HCMC


Diversity of Foreign Tours

After Tet, Foreign tours are also chosen by many tourists for many different services. Vietravel offers free of charge Sky 100 Building visiting ticket to all tourists booking Hong Kong - Disneyland - Shenzhen - Guangzhou (6 days), DEPARTURE: Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Price from: 15,990,000 VND and Hong Kong - Disneyland – Dai Nhi Son – Shenzhen (5 days), DEPARTURE: Every Monday, Saturday, Price from: 15,690,000VND. Southeast Asia Tours all attracts many tourists for attractive price such as: Cambodia (4 days), DEPARTURE: Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Price from: 3,290,000VND. Thailand (5 days), DEPARTURE: everyday, Price from: 6,990,000VND. Singapore (4 days), DEPARTURE: 20, 23, 26/2– Price from 8,990,000VND. Malaysia (4 days, DEPARTURE: 20, 26, 28/2, Price from: 6,990,000VND. Singapore – Malaysia (6 days), DEPARTURE: 22, 25, 26, 27/2, Price from:13,990,000VND. Jakarta (4 days), DEPARTURE: 24/2 – Price from 8,690,000VND.

There are also many other attractive tours for your reference: Kunming - Shilin - Dali - Lijiang (7 days), DEPARTURE: 8, 22/3, Price from 18,790,000VND. Xian - Luoyang - Zhengzhou - Kaifeng – Guangzhou (6 days), DEPARTURE: 16/3, Price from 15,790,000VND. Beijing - Hangzhou - Wuxi - Suzhou - Shanghai (7 days), DEPARTURE: Every Tuesday, Fridaym Sunday, Price from:14,590,000VND.

For far distance tours, Vietravel also launches new tours with “unique” destinations such as: Taipei - Tainan - Alisan – ogress Hamlet - Kaohsiung (6 days) DEPARTURE: 29/3. Price from: 20,990,000VND, tour also receives a special discount. Melbourne - Canberra – Sydney tour (7 days), DEPARTURE: 22/3, 5/4, Price from: 59,990,000VND is also within this special promotion program at this time. For Nepal – India tour is a pilgrimage tour to the land of Buddhist which is promised to attract the concern from many tourists, the tour will last for 10 days, DEPARTURE: 18, 29/3, 12/4. Price: 39,990,000VND. Besides, there are a series of attractive tours to discover America, Europe, Australia such as: Tokyo - Mount Fuji -New York - Washington DC - Las Vegas - Los Angeles (12 days), DEPARTURE: 1, 4/04, Price: 89,990,000 VND. New York - Washington DC - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - San Jose - San Fransisco (12 days), DEPARTURE: 27/02, 13, 20/3, Price: 86,990,000 VND. Korea - Hawaii (6 days), DEPARTURE: 2, 30/3, 20, 27/4, Price: 57,990,000 VND. Seoul - Everland - Nami - Jeju - Seoul (6 days) DEPARTURE: 2, 5, 9, 12,16, 19, 23, 26, 28, 30/3, Price: 24,990,000VND. Tokyo - Mount Fuji - Kyoto - Kobe -Osaka (6 days), DEPARTURE: 12, 26, 29, 31/3. Price: 47,690,000VND. Brisbane - Goldcoast - Canberra - Sydney - Melbourne, (9 days), DEPARTURE: 22/03, 12/04. Price: 73,990,000VND. Dubai - Abu Dhabi (5 days), DEPARTURE: 13, 27/3, 10/4, Price: 33,990,000VND – Special discount. Dubai - Cairo - Alexandria (8 days), DEPARTURE: 26/04, Price: 53,990,000VND. South Africa - Mauritius (8 days) DEPARTURE: 9/3, 11/4, 26/4. Price: 68,990,000VND. France - Switzerland - Italy (13 days), DEPARTURE: 21/3, 11/4. Price: 89,990,000VND - Special discount. Netherlands - Belgium - France - Italy - Austria - Germany (12 days) DEPARTURE: 26/3, 23/4, 14/5. Price: 99,990,000VND – Tulip Festival Tour. France - Belgium - Netherlands - Germany (10 days), DEPARTURE: 28/3, 26/4. Price: 69,990,000VND - Tulip Festival Tour. UK- Wales (8 days), DEPARTURE: 28/3, 28/4, 26/5. Price: 69,990,000VND.


Contact: Vietravel – 190 Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC

Tel: (08) 38228898

Hotline: 0938 301 399 (Domestic tours); 0938 301 388 (Foreign Tours)

Tour Registration Offices in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietravel Branches nationwide.

Or Register Online at: www.travel.com.vn   


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