In some Asian countries, June-August is summer time and also the most vibrant “sale off” season to attract the tourists to travel to the country in combination with buying cheep brand goods in which HongKong, Singapore and Malaysia are the three countries with highest percentage of sale off and good goods and suite almost demands of Vietnamese tourists. Are you ready for your “shopping tour”?

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Every year, every "sale off" season in the countries known as “shopping paradise" in Asia is filled with tourists, because this is the time for discharging fashion stores to change new styles and designs. All products sold are new, however in order to stimulate the market, big discount of from 50% to 70% is offered. Many tourists come here for shopping brand products at surprise low price to suite the demands of people in tropical areas in which there are 3 leading shopping centers in Asia that you can not miss.

Shopping Paradise of Hong Kong

If travel to Hong Kong on “sale off” season, you should go in June, July when there are many products with discount up to 70%. You can visit The Landmark- one of 10 biggest world shopping paradises in Hong Kong. This is the place with all famous fashion brands such as D&G, Harvey Nichols, Gianfranco Ferre etc. Jardine’s Bazaar and Jardine’s Crescent areas with many close kisosques will make you dizzy with many unique clothing and fashion products etc. at relatively low price.

Lee Garden Street with dozens of "Factory Outlet" shops specialized in selling Demode products – of last year model with discount of from 30-70%. You can also find many famous fashion brands in 8-storey Times Squares or Causeway Bay where there are 2 shops of Sogo and Mitsukoshi located opposite each other on Hennessy street with world famous brands. Besides, the long street of Nathan located on Kowloon Peninsula is also the place where sells all products that you need from clothing or electronics products etc.

 “Sale off” Season in Singapore

In recent years, Singapore tourism is more vibrant than ever before and Singapore tours starts everyday with the average of 3-4 tours at Vietravel, especially it is much nosier from late May to late July when tourism is combined with shopping. With large boards of discount from 50% to 70% in front of the shops, you cannot help stopping. Everywhere from Orchard Road, Marina Bay to Southern Waterfront, Sim Lim Square or suburb reasons, many fashion products, watches, jewelry, electronics and many other products are offered for sales at utopian cheap price.

Exciting “Big Sale” Festival in Malaysia

Especially when shopping at this island country, do not forget duty free shop with Tax Free logo. In Singapore, there are more than 1,500 stores where sells fashion products, watches, electronic products, sports products for the tourists etc. Just buy from 100 Singapore Dollars at these duty-free shops, you will be refunded tax at Changji Airport before leaving Singapore.

Sale season starts on the occasion of Colours of Malaysia Festival took place in July and Mega Sales Canival lasted during two months of July and August. Visit Malaysia this time, you will have the opportunity to buy many products with discount from 10-80% because promotion programs from suppliers, commercial centers are encouraged by the Government to attract the tourists. And Kuala Lumpur capital is the real shopping paradise voted by most tourists. Vietravel is the only travel company with the highest frequency of tours to almost countries worldwide in which there are about 3-4 Singapore and Malaysia tours each day and from 7-10 tours/day for HongKong Tours. All tours to Kuala Lumpur organized by Vietravel use 5-star hotels and especially in Hong Kong, the tourists are given ticket for visiting Sky 100 building, known as the roof of HongKong, where you can see the entire view of Hong Kong at 3600. Especially, the tourists will not have to pay tip for any tours of Vietravel and be picked up at the airport while the tourists have to take care of these things when traveling with other companies.  

At present, Vietravel has 7 Hong Kong Tours, and 6 Singapore, Malaysia tours for you to choose in the sale off reason in shopping paradises of Asia including: "Hong Kong - Disneyland - Wax Museum" (4 days), price from: VND15.39 million, Departure: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday of June, "Hong Kong - Disneyland - Wax Museum - the Turkey Paint" (4 days), price: VND 15.99 million, Departure: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday of June; "Hong Kong - Disneyland - Wax Museum - marine park" (5 days), price: VND 17.39 million, departure: Tuesday, Saturday of June, "Hong Kong - Disneyland - Macau" (5 days), price: VND19.99 million, departure: 1, 15, 29 of June;"Hong Kong - Disneyland - Guangzhou - Shenzhen" (6 days), price: VND 17.39 million, departure: daily / June, "Hong Kong - Disneyland - the Turkey Paint - Shenzhen" (5 days), price: VND16.99 million, departure: 1, 5, 9, 13, 15, 22, 23, 28 of June.

Singapore - Promotion (4 days), price from: VND 7.69 to 9.59 million, departure: daily; Malaysia (4 days), price: VND 6.99 million, Departure: daily; Singapore - Malaysia (6N), price from: VND 13.99 million, departure: daily.


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