Lunar New Year is the longest holidays in the year which will be the most convenient time for you to discover many beauty spots through many interesting Tet Tours such as Asia, Korea, Japan tours etc. and the United States is one of the most attractive destinations for you and is the opportunity to visit your relatives on the occasion of New Year.

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Talking about Lunar New Year, everyone thinks about the reunion moment of the family when all family members sit together by a warm family meal with Chung cake, Tet cake, salted onion, pork cooked with coconut water or contemplate yellow apricot flowers. 

It is so simple, but the New Year’s Eve will not be complete when your relatives are still somewhere in the United States or your children are studying there and do not have time to go home. Tet is a wonderful occasion for you to have much time to travel and spend happy days with your relatives. 

Tet Market in the United States

Recently, there are more and more tourists choose to travel to the United States on the occasion of Tet. Tet seems to be busier with the tour to the United States to visit your relatives because surely you want to prepare some country gifts such as ginger jam, pumpkin jam, coconut jam for your tour etc.

In the United States, at the end of Solar January, it is quite cold, however in California where there are many Vietnamese people, the weather is still sunny and dry as Tet weather in our country. In daytime, the temperature is around 15 – 16oC, while in the nighttime, the temperature is maybe only 1 – 2oC. The Vietnamese people who live far from their hometown still keep their traditional values of the nation, especially on the occasion of Lunar New year. The Vietnamese Market Center in Grand Century is noisy and crowded with many people at the last week of Tet and there are everything from Chung Cake, Tet cakes, salted onion, melon seeds etc. Tet market has become a culture where attracts many Vietnamese people who come to visit and buy products on the occasion of New Year. Flowers hopes in Lion market are crowded with young girls holding peach branches who are cheerful with the friends for Spring.

Tet is the occasion for traveling and reuniting with relatives

The different thing between the New Year in the United States and in Vietnam is firecrackers. At the centers of Vietnamese people such as Grand Century, Lion square, Saigon Town, firecrackers are set off from the 20th of Tet with Lion dancing. In the New Year’s Eve, there are no firecrackers, however families and friends are met to have party, sing, give lucky money and wish for a happy New Year until next morning. On the first day of New Year, many women and girls go to the pagodas to worship for good lucks for the New Year. Pagodas are crowded with people and beautiful Vietnamese girls are wearing Ao Dai of cheerful colors as those standing before Ben Thanh market in our native country.

Travel to the United States on this occasion, tourists will enjoy the spring atmosphere everywhere and this is also the opportunity to travel the country with wonderful tourism in the world. From the West Coast of the United States where is famous as the entertainment and shopping paradise such as Las Vegas, Hollywood, Costco Wholesales Supermarket etc. and mighty natural landscapes with 8-mile Huntington beach, giant  Hoover Dam, endless Mojave Desert etc. while coming back to East Coast, you will come to visit New York Financial Center where there are head office of the United Nations, World Trade Center, Wall Street; and Washington D.C – the political center of the United States, Capital Hill, President Memorial and big museums etc.

Las Vegas – the destination that tourists hardly ignore when traveling to the United States

A meaningful tour on the occasion of New Year to the United States is waiting for you. Please enjoy this golden holidays with interesting and surprised experiences in the United States. 


New York - Philadelphia - Washington DC (6 days)

Price: From VND 60.99 million; Departure: 24, 29, 31/1; 13/2/2014

Los Angeles - Hollywood - Las Vegas - Hoover Dam - San Jose - San Francisco (9 days) 

Price: From VND 67.99 million; Departure: 25, 30/1; 1, 2/2/2014

New York - Philadelphia - Washington DC - Las Vegas - Los Angeles (10 days)

Price: From VND 76.99 million; Departure: 25, 28, 30/1; 1, 2/2/2014

New York - Philadelphia - Washington DC- Las Vegas - Los Angeles - San Francisco (12 days) 

Price: From VND 86.99 million; Departure: 25, 30/1; 1, 3, 5/2/2014

Hawaii - Honolulu (6 days)

Price: From VND 69.99 million; Departure: 1, 2/2/2014




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